Hickory – In celebration of Arbor Day, the City of Hickory and the Community Appearance Commission (CAC) will distribute free potted trees at the Downtown Hickory FarmersCity Of Hickory and CAC Trees Market on Saturday, April 24.

Hickory’s Landscape Services Division planted 350 bare root seedlings and cared for the trees in preparation for the event. Several tree varieties will be available, including eastern redbud, sweetgum, scarlet oak, and Virginia pine.

“The Community Appearance Commission is happy to share these trees with local residents in our continued efforts to promote tree planting and preservation throughout the Hickory community,” said Cal Overby, CAC liaison and planning manager for the City of Hickory.

Trees provide many benefits to the natural environment, including air quality improvement and the reduction of carbon in the atmosphere. They provide wildlife habitat and enhance the visual appeal of a neighborhood. A healthy mature tree can increase property value – the larger the tree, the higher the value. This is especially important for resale and will increase yearly as the tree grows. All these reasons should be incentives to plant trees.

Maintaining healthy, mature trees with proper pruning, and not topping trees, not only increases property values and saves money on energy costs, it also helps provide a benefit of cleaner air and reductions in storm water problems.

Stop by the City of Hickory’s booth at the Downtown Hickory Farmers Market on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. under The Sails on the Square to pick up a potted tree.

Free tree at Downtown Hickory Farmers Market