Newton, NC – Wastewater treatment can be a messy job, and the City of Newton needs your help to keep our sewer system running smoothly. Please follow one simple rule: Flush only human waste and toilet paper to ensure the safety of our wastewater treatment system.

Flushing alternatives to toilet paper can cause significant problems with sewer piping, pumps, and various pieces of infrastructure related to wastewater treatment. It can also damage the plumbing in your home.

Toilet paper alternatives that should never be flushed include:

» Wipes (These may be labeled “flushable,” but they are not. They don’t degrade in the same manner as toilet paper.)
» Paper towels
» Napkins
» Tissues
» Rags
» Sponges
» Newspaper or office paper

If you use any of these alternatives, please put them in the trash, not the toilet.

Thank you in advance for helping to ensure the safe operation of our wastewater treatment system and your home’s plumbing.

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