Newton, NC – Curbside leaf collection service, which helps citizens dispose of leaves and ensures storm drains remain unclogged, is under way in Newton. Collection is scheduled to run through Jan. 13.

Collection trucks run a route that begins at the south end of the city, travels north in a grid pattern, and repeats throughout leaf season. One route will require about three weeks to complete.

To view a map of the leaf collection route, visit

Please ensure no limbs, sticks, or metal objects are mixed in with leaves. Debris other than leaves is likely to clog or damage equipment, which will slow collection.

As you move leaves toward the curb, please be sure they remain behind the curb and do not spill into the storm gutter or road. If there is a sidewalk between your property and the road, please move leaves into the utility strip between the sidewalk and the road. Leaves behind sidewalks, in ditches, or within three feet of parked vehicles cannot be collected.

For more information, please call Newton City Hall at 828-695-4300.