Hickory – Pottery on the Wheel I, 1/10/19-2/28/19, Thursdays, 6pm-9pm, CVCC EC 1081, $166.25 (includes supplies), Instructor is Evelyn Arnold. This class is designed for the beginner. In this course, students will become familiar with turning methods and materials used in creating basic forms with the potters’ wheel. Topics include clay preparation, turning techniques, and basic glaze application. Upon completion, students should be able to center, turn basic forms such as bowls and mugs, apply basic glazes, and be familiar with loading and firing an electric kiln.

Pottery on the Wheel II, 1/9/19-2/27/19, Wednesdays, 6pm-9pm, CVCC EC 1081, $166.25 (includes supplies), Instructor is Preston Tolbert. Designed for students with prior experience using the potters’ wheel, students will learn to create a variety of forms including pitchers, vases and lidded jars. Also included is instruction on how to apply glazes and the proper procedure for loading and firing an electric kiln. Upon completion, students will be familiar with working on the potter’s wheel, glaze application and firing techniques.

Decorative Pottery, 1/8/19-2/26/19, Tuesdays, 6pm-9pm, CVCC EC 1081, $166.25 (includes supplies), Instructor is Evelyn Arnold. This course is designed for students with some previous experience in using the potters’ wheel and/or handbuilding. Students will refine and develop throwing and handbuilding skills as well as explore historical and contemporary surface decoration techniques. Topics include incising, swirlware, sprigging, carving, underglazes, sgraffito and resist techniques. Students should bring pottery tools, brushes and carving tools. Pre-requisite: wheel or handbuilding class.

Handbuilt Pottery: Tableware, 1/17/19-3/4/19, Mondays, 6pm-9pm, CVCC EC 1081, $166.25 (includes supplies), Instructor is Preston Tolbert. Students will explore their creativity, express their personal design, and utilize problem solving skills. The focus is on the completion of a specific tableware project, with options including a dinnerware set or a collection of serving trays. Topics discussed include: conceptual design, project construction utilizing hand building techniques, mold making, glaze application, and firing processes. No class 1/21/19.

Supply fee covers kiln firings, glaze materials and 1 bag of clay. In addition, students must purchase a tool kit available at the CVCC Bookstore or local craft store. Students should bring a towel, apron, large sponge and a 5-gallon bucket to class. Dress in comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.

For questions about the courses contact Evelyn Arnold at [email protected]; to register email Cheri Toney at [email protected] or contact the Continuing Education Department at 828.327.7037.