Hickory – Dr. Daniel Caton from the Physics and Astronomy department at Appalachian State University will be at Patrick Beaver Memorial Library to present a program on the Brown Mountain Lights on Monday, November 19, at 7pm. The program will focus on scientific explanations, but will also explore the history, myths and supernatural explanations surrounding the Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon. Dr. Caton will discuss some of his experiences as a researcher studying the Brown Mountain Lights.

In addition to his astronomy research, Dr. Caton works to debunk pseudoscience and investigates paranormal claims related to the Brown Mountain Lights. He has appeared in TV specials on Discovery Kids, the Travel Channel, and the National Geographic Channel. Caton belongs to a research group that studies the Brown Mountain Lights and operates two night time cameras that record Brown Mountain and the Linville Gorge.

The Brown Mountain Lights program is free and open to the public. For more information, call 304-0500, Ext. 7235. Patrick Beaver Memorial Library is located at 375 3rd Street NE on the SALT Block.