Newton, NC – In the past, ECCCM has weathered many crises together with our community. Most recently, we served our neighbors in crisis throughout the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Prior to that, we assisted clients that were in desperate situations due to the furniture manufacturing crisis, which hit our area particularly hard. We have been here through recessions, job layoffs, and floods. We will be here through what will one day be remembered as a time of true crisis and chaos, the time defined by COVID-19.

ECCCM has made operational adjustments to best serve our community in this difficult time filled with unknowns. We have implemented additional safety measures for staff, volunteers, and clients. Our “ECCCM Coronavirus Response” is available to read in detail on our website at

As with any crisis, households may have a need of assistance with food. We have several hunger relief programs with which we can assist clients, depending on their needs. With schools being closed, we expect to see a rise in the number of households on our Student Hunger Prevention Program. Any Catawba County household with students in K-12 in Newton-Conover City Schools or Catawba County Schools is welcome to apply. For this particular program only, applications may be made online at

During this time of uncertainty, residents may find their work hours are reduced, or they may even be laid off. ECCCM is prepared to assist all persons when needs arise with utilities, rent, mortgage, clothing, transportation, or even life-necessary pharmaceuticals. At ECCCM, we are well positioned to provide these services in addition to hunger programs. Our website has a detailed list of what we require for the interview process. Please make sure you have the required documents in hand when you come for an interview.

When needs increase in our community, so does the need for our services. This extends into the need for additional support from people who want to help those less fortunate. If you are able to help ECCCM assist our community during this crisis due to COVID-19, please go to and click Donate Now. Your generosity will certainly help those affected by coronavirus to breathe a little easier.

For more information see our website at or call (828) 465-1702.