Hickory – On Tuesday, June 13, Adult Children of Aging Parents meeting (ACAP), John J. Maron, Director, Investor Protection & Education Services Program, NC Department of the Secretary of State Securities Division, will present a free program on Elder Abuse and Fraud.  The time is 5:30-7pm and the location is Fellowship Hall, Mt. Olive Lutheran Church (2780 N. Center Street, Hickory).

Older adults are the number one victims of fraud. Many people don’t think they can become a victim, although recent statistics report that as many as one in five seniors, 65 years of age and above, become victims of financial abuse.

How can we best ensure the financial safety of our elder loved ones or ourselves?  What are the “red flags” that something is wrong?  What can we do if financial abuse is suspected?

ElderAbuseSince 2005, John J. Maron, our June ACAP speaker, has been the director of the Investor Protection & Education Services Program, NC Department of the Secretary of State Securities Division, overseeing a comprehensive and multi-faceted public outreach program designed to raise public awareness of fraud.  At the June ACAP, Mr. Maron will help attendees:

1) Recognize the scope and reach of elder financial abuse;

2) Learn the consequences of elder financial abuse: emotional, mental, physical, etc.:

3) Recognize the warning signs and red flags of elder financial abuse and

4) Identify the resources available for reporting elder fraud and financial abuse.

Email [email protected] or call, toll-free, 1-877-599-ACAP (1-877-599-2227) to register.

ACAP-Hickory gratefully acknowledges Abernethy Laurels as sponsor for the June ACAP program.

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