Vale, NC —  Hart Square Foundation will welcome guests to our first Historic Foodways experience on March 21st. This unique opportunity explores the European influence on American Cuisine and includes a tasting menu of two traditional “receipts,” white bean and sausage stew and good bread.

Presenter, Paulette Gardner, received education in historic foodways, open-hearth cooking, and Scottish hearth cooking at the John C. Campbell Folk School.  She has been sharing her passion for open-hearth cookery at historic sites for the past 20 years.  Drawing inspiration from “Seeking the Historical Cook” and “The Backcountry Housewife,” Paulette will demonstrate open-hearth cooking while sharing what life would have been like for a backcountry family living in the 1800’s.  The tasting menu will be prepared by chef, Zach Harkins, of Hatch in Hickory.

Development Director, Lorissa Vines, states “Hart Square Foundation preserves cultural heritage through living traditions, both past and present.  It’s an honor to incorporate Historic Foodways in our programming this year, featuring both historic cooks and modern day chefs.” 

Reserve your seat today to step back in time for a taste of culture and history.  Tickets are available at our website:

Hart Square Village is an open-air museum located in Vale, North Carolina, consisting of over 100 historic log structures built between 1760 and 1893. Hart Square Foundation is the non-profit organization tasked with preserving Hart Square Village and sharing traditional arts and trades.