Charlotte, NC – The Coronavirus Pandemic is the conversation topic of everyone regardless of age, race or sex. People cannot get information quick enough and are often left with more questions after viewing press conferences, misleading information via social media, etc. More and more people are searching for information about the outbreak, easily encountering overwhelmingly misleading and harmful information. After losing a family friend and learning of four others infected with the virus, Edgy Design Group decided to figure out a way to be a resource to others.

Edgy Design Group, located in Pineville, NC, has created an innovative app called Coronavirus Updates App that captures and disseminates up to the minute information around the Coronavirus Pandemic to include updates on the pandemic, symptoms, prevention tips and live outbreak updates in any state or nation. The app is free and available for Android systems at this time. For more information visit or to download the app, click

The new app was initially developed at the onset of the virus as a way to provide a resource for Android users, right in the palm of their hands. But, after losing a family friend and learning of four others that are sick with the virus in her hometown of Indiana, the team knew it was imperative to launch the app as soon as possible. When asked why the app is significant to app users all over the world, App Developer Lesley Wilson states “The Coronavirus Updates App is significant because in this time of uncertainty society needs an innovative resource of credible and up to date facts. I want users to gain empowerment and peace of mind by knowing how to protect themselves against the impact of Covid-19.”

Through a partnership, updates are received from Johns Hopkins University and The CDC. Each of the sources are notated on each screen of the app. The app launched on March 19, 2020.

Photo Courtesy of Edge Design Group.