no scammersHickory – A representative from the NCDOJ Attorney General’s Office will lead a workshop at Patrick Beaver Memorial Library on Saturday, January 27 at 11am to help us become scam smart.  Recommendations based on recent security breaches will be provided from the NCDOJ on how to protect yourself and family from identity theft.  North Carolinians lose millions of dollars each year to consumer scams including scams associated with sweepstakes, charities, identity theft and more.  Learn the facts on scams and easy tips to avoid becoming a victim!

Additionally, from 10am – 12pm on January 27th, Enviro-Shred, a Hickory based shredding company, will provide individuals with the opportunity to shred at no charge up to two boxes or bags of personal documents in Patrick Beaver Memorial Library’s parking lot.  The two boxes or bags must not be larger than the size of banker boxes (10″H x 15″W x 24″D).   Any type and color of home office paper may be brought for shredding.  Paper clips, staples, manila envelopes and credit cards are allowed for shredding.  Items not permitted for shredding are heavy metals, newspapers, magazines, and plastic.

Enviro-Shred offers a variety of services for businesses and a Drop and Shred location at 1045 2nd Ave NW for individuals to use throughout the year.  To learn more about their services and fees, call Enviro-Shred at 866-907-4733 or visit their website at  Both the NCDOJ workshop and the shredding are free and open to the public.  For more information, please call the library at 304-0500 ext. 7235.  Patrick Beaver Memorial Library is located at 375 Street NE on the SALT Block.