“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Rotten eggs.”
“Rotten eggs, who?”
“Rotten eggs will be in your basket this Easter!”
Wait! April Fool!

Yeppers, it’s going to be an interesting Sunday this weekend with Easter and April Fool’s Day sharing a space on the calendar. And since some pastors start their sermons with a joke, we can only imagine adding to the confusion. Honestly, the stage is set. The only thing about Easter jokes is…they crack you up. Seriously, what would you call a mischievous egg anyway? Sure, a practical yolker; but did you know an egg’s favorite sport is running? No, you didn’t. Well, anyway, hare’s an easy one. Everybody knows the Easter Bunny’s favorite music is…wait for it…wait…Hip Hop! Yeppers…a real interesting service this Sunday. And if no one ‘gets’ the punch line, the pastor can simply say…April Fool!

Dickens, the secular and Christian holidays haven’t collided in 62 years, and won’t again for 11 years, then 11 more bringing us all the way to 2040. Whew! After that, they won’t share calendar real estate for the rest of the century. Of course, Easter is linked to Ash Wednesday, which is 46 days prior and the start, for Catholics, of ‘giving up’ something like chocolate or anything chocolate covered. I would suggest complaining…but I suppose I’d be complaining about complaining.

Anyway, Peter and RePeter Rabbit were sitting on a fence. Peter fell off. Who was left? Oh, I guess you heard that one already. Well, smarter-than-a-fifth grader, did you know Bugs Bunny had fleas? April Fool!

I suppose this year the plan is to: hide rotten eggs, unwrap the tiny chocolate eggs and rewrap grapes (besides they gave up chocolate anyway), put drops of different colored food coloring in the bottom of the cereal bowl so when milk is added…wa-la…instant Easter Egg cereal. How about changing someone’s app icons to cat faces. (Wait, you can do that?) Or, you could make some orange juice out of a mac and cheese packet. (same color)

Whatever you do, don’t get crazy like poking holes in the bottoms of the water cooler cups. Or, sticking googly eyes on the food in the fridge. However, eyes would look really cute on eggs. Then you could draw some eyebrows. Maybe a mustache. What would look even more adorable is if you found some small hats and wigs and…dickens, I’m getting carried away. I’m a sucker for googly eggs…I mean eyes!

You have to admit, it’s a tad confusing having the notoriously prank-filled April Fool’s Day riding shotgun with the festively attired, egg-hunting Easter Bunny. Goodness knows where those eggs are going to hide. Not to mention the ‘joke’ eggs. You know, half a peach nestled in a dollop of yogurt. Looks like an egg. Taste like a…hmmm…actually, it sounds delicious. Think I’ll make some popcorn. Don’t ask how I made the leap…just accept my mind works that way. (But if you must know…eggs and popcorn are both white and yellow.)

Seriously though, if you prank on Easter simply say three Hail Marys, take an aspirin then call a dietician to make sure giving up chocolate wasn’t a mistake. Thank goodness, wine isn’t chocolate flavored. And since we are there…yes, wine goes with popcorn.

Happy Easter everyone! Gas prices have already risen, just like Jesus. (no joke)

Be blessed, be happy, be safe, be grateful, be loved!

Can you imagine…writing silly messages on the toilet paper roll?

Smile, you’re the best!

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