chainsaw_headerOriginally, I was assembled in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, ranch-styled brick with attached carport. Why is it this is the go-to when describing a home? Listing off the number of baths and bedrooms?

Are the kitchen, living and dining room just assumed? If it lacked or had more than one of these, would it justify mentioning? How many does it take to qualify?

It only takes half a bath to achieve status, so what about kitchen/dining areas? Shouldn’t they be considered halves and therefore rate at least an honorable mention? Additionally, isn’t it peculiar that we’ll give quoted precedence to our parking situation and not our living, dining and… kitching arrangements. Are the living arrangements for our vehicles more important than those of the human element? I digress — we park in driveways and drive on parkways so idiocracy is justified on that account.

Meanwhile back at the point of origin… One “bath” inside the main dwelling, the other outside, adjacent to the laundry room, accessed via the carport. For reasons incomprehensible the latter was the only one used for bathing. Ergo, to wash up one had to go outdoors first. So much fun during the wintering months.

Moving on and out to the original House o’ Saw “Welcome to Saw’s” house, we don’t have to go out. Flush that potty too loud. Showering me inside now…” Yes – one full bath — inside, so no potential excuse for naked dashing across cold cement. Simple, and decorated with all the luxuries the Walmart gift card, received for perfect attendance at work, could afford and it sufficed. Of course, as the house population rose, backyard relief was a necessity at times… apologies to nosy neighbors.

Years would pass before the unknown luxury of a second bath would come into play. This with our arrival at the Farm o’ Saw, which came thankfully with 3 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen/dining room, attached carport and most importantly 1 and ½ baths.

Now, when a household contains more than one resident, accompanied by more than one bath, half, whole or otherwise, there is an unspoken understanding which occurs. Especially if the “more than one” involves an opposition of sexes.

Generally, the main bathroom, centrally located and the larger of two, will become the territory of the fairer sex. In households of all the same sex, these rules and admission of the fairer may not apply, but sex is never really fair now, is it? This leaves the smaller bathroom (or in this instance ½ of one) falling to the “unfairer sex” (that can go several ways).

Political correction curbed. Thus, the main room of bath is oft one of splendor, adorned with tasteful femininity and convenience with readily available toiletries for visitors. ‘Cause gawd forbid they use… the other one.

Aside from a few novelty wall hangings, the half is generally pretty sparse on decorum. It’s like a tiny man-cave with a toilet. All the necessities are there. What it doesn’t have is a hand towel ring beside the sink which matches the room’s 3 other brushed-chrome towel racks.

Nope, just one. Basic, rust colored, 2-footer, across from the sink. Adorned with one of a small assortment of cheap, multicolored beach towels. One of which is now sloppily wadded up, overly damp and half hanging off center.

Now before we proceed let us come to an understanding. This is in no way a “He likes the towels to hang in certain way…” between sobs at a shelter situation. This is a matter of courtesy, logic and the obvious.

It’s obvious the towels used on this rack were chosen for a specific reason. When spread to full width they encompass the rack from end to end. Logically if the towel is placed in such a manner, it will dry quicker, as it extends above the floor’s heat vent on the right. Courtesy… well we all like to have as much dry surface area as possible on which to dry our hands. And when denied that simple courtesy…well… it kinda p****s me off.

No, there is neither rave nor rant at this spouse for this transgression. Just an inquiring request to remember, there is a place for everything and everything in its place. Otherwise, the towel will inevitably end up on the floor and become a foot towel.

I welcome almost all questions, comments via FOCUS, or E-mail me at [email protected].

Hope to hear from ya until then try and stay focused! See ya.