Vale, NC – To preserve the Catawba Valley pottery tradition, Hart Square Foundation is establishing the Catawba Valley Junior Potters under the guidance of renowned Catawba Valley Potter, Kim Ellington. The Catawba Valley Junior Potters program will retain vital components of 19th century pottery making, while fusing traditional methods with contemporary techniques.Hart Square Launches

Development Director, Lorissa Vines, says “Last year we raised funds to rebuild and stabilize the groundhog kiln at Hart Square Village. In working with local potters, we learned that with an aging traditional potter population, the Catawba Valley folk pottery tradition is in danger of extinction. We cannot let this centuries old tradition fade from history and consider this an urgent calling to pass knowledge and skills to the next generation.”

Our first 8-week course will begin on June 1st with handbuilt pottery, taught by Scottie and John Post of Hog Hill Pottery. These courses will continue on a rolling basis focusing on different techniques, styles, and skill levels. Beginners are welcome and course content will be crafted for students aged 9th through 12th grade.

Registration is now open. More information is available at our website.

Hart Square Village is an open-air museum located in Vale, North Carolina, consisting of over 100 historic log structures built between 1760 and 1893. Hart Square Foundation is the non-profit organization tasked with preserving Hart Square Village and sharing the pioneer experience through traditional arts and trades.