Vale, NC — If you have ever toured a log cabin, it may have fired your curiosity. Hart Square Village, the nation’s largest log cabin museum, located in Vale, North Carolina, preserves and interprets over 100 log structures built during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Hart Square Village and the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office recently announced a collaboration to teach log cabin preservation and restoration.

Saturday, July 23, 9am to noon, Brett Sturm, Restoration Specialist at the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) will offer the free class, “Anatomy, Pathology, Diagnostics for Historic Log Buildings.” This event is already full, and is the first installment of the “Log Cabin 101” series offered at Hart Square Craft School in 2022.

“This kind of outreach is central to my mission as a conservator working for the State of North Carolina,” stated Brett Sturm. “There are so many parallels between the language of human health and the health of historic buildings,” he continued, “a nod to founder Dr. Bob Hart’s day-job as a physician.” Sturm concluded, “Hart Square Village is one giant open-air laboratory for the study of architectural conservation. Among the buildings curated and protected at Hart Square, we can see the full story of early America, how traditional materials perform, and how they might better be preserved.”

This is one of many collaborative partnerships that Hart Square Village is making in 2022. Students for this class range from history enthusiasts and museum professionals to building contractors and owners of historic log structures. “We are delighted that the State Historic Preservation Office and Mr. Sturm can utilize this open-air museum to educate others,” said Dr. Eugene Tesdahl, Director of Collections and Interpretation at Hart Square Village. Tesdahl explained that “Preserving historic structures is central to the mission of Hart Square Village, one that extends beyond our museum.”

Find this and more on the Hart Square Village website.

Founded in 1973, Hart Square Village preserves early American log structures, trades, and culture to instill a pioneering spirit in the next generation. Hart Square Village is located in Vale, North Carolina, and interprets over 100 historic log structures built between 1760 and 1893. Hart Square Foundation is the non-profit organization tasked with stewarding Hart Square Village and guiding its educational impact.
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