Hickory – If your new year’s resolution was to try new things, or if you just want to brush up on some skills before auditions, HCT is the place to be!HCT Announces New Theatre Classes

Classes meet once a week for four weeks. Scholarships for up to 90% of tuition are available.

Theatre Rookies
Ages 3rd-8th grade
Jan. 24 – Feb. 14, 4-5:30pm,

WEEK 1 – Introductory class. What is a play? What is an actor’s job? Students learn the basic elements of an actor’s toolbox Voice, Imagination, and Movement.

WEEK 2 – Auditioning. Students learn the elements of auditioning and what different kinds of auditions there are, then do a practice audition session.

WEEK 3 – Rehearsing. Students learn about the rehearsal process, proper stage terms/vocabulary, and some basic improvisation. The students also will be assigned monologues to memorize for their final class.

Week 4 – Performance. Students will have time to practice their monologues and blocking before performing them for a selected audience.

Kids Theatre Studio
Ages 3rd-8th grade
Jan. 26 – Feb. 26, 4-5:30pm
A beginner to an intermediate class focusing on a sampler of theatrical styles and techniques.

WEEK 1 – Shakespeare. Conquering the fear and learning how to perform Shakespeare correctly, then getting on your feet to perform.

WEEK 2 – Improv. An intro to improvisation, learning the basics with group warm-ups, and then a series of games and exercises.

WEEK 3 – Musical Theatre. The basics of learning an ensemble song and dance sequence.

WEEK 4 – Movement. Not all characters move the same. Learn to create unique characterizations as animals, monsters, and more.

Ages 18+
Jan. 24 – Feb. 14, 5-6:30pm,
An intermediate to advanced improvisation class (18+)

WEEK 1 – Improv review and student assessment. Review of improv warm-ups and basic games.

WEEK 2 – Improv teamwork exercises with a focus on collaboration and partnership.

WEEK 3 – Learning the Improvaggedon competitive game, practicing, and performing.

WEEK 4 – Group warm-ups, and then a full competitive game of Improvaggedon for a selected audience.

Directing Class
Ages 16+
Jan. 26 – Feb. 16, 5-6:30pm,
An introduction and exploration of the craft of directing with practical scene work.

WEEK 1 – Introduction to Directing. What is the role and reason for a director? History, concepts, techniques, and vocabulary.

WEEK 2 – How to break down a scene. Learn to establish what is important or crucial quickly, big-picture thinking. Basics of blocking and stage picture. The class will end with students being assigned scenes for them to direct in a future class.

WEEK 3 – Scene work and development. Students will use their previously assigned scenes, and work on crafting their own rehearsal. Then casting their scenes from performer volunteers.

WEEK 4 – Students will work with their actors on blocking and rehearsing their short scenes before presenting them to the class.

Our education programs are supported by grants from:
The Corning Incorporated Foundation
The Unifour Foundation Endowment
The TSH Charitable Foundation
The Beaver Family Foundation

More information online at https://www.hickorytheatre.org/classes

To learn more or sign up, please email [email protected]