Hickory – In a concerted attempt to make Father’s Day a little less stuffy and more informal, Hops & Grapes has proclaimed the night before Father’s Day – Father’s Day Eve, if you will – as Father’s Day Saturday Night.

Not a Hallmark holiday, the concept, according to Hops & Grapes owner Bobby Bush, is to allow Dad a little free-time prior to what can often be an overblown, sometimes awkward Sunday lunch with a Dad who really doesn’t appreciate all the fuss. Bush admits that he doesn’t speak for all Fathers, but as a father of three and grandfather of four, he appreciates a little peace and quiet on His Day and certainly doesn’t deserve gifts

Realizing that there was no way to cease the pomp and circumstance associated with Father’s Day, a care free night prior to the Big Day, Bush feels, fits the bill.

So… Hops & Grapes is offering Dads the opportunity to wind down in preparation for the next day’s events. The concept is simple, Bush said. Children, Mothers, Sisters, whomever, can dropped their loving Man-person off at the Viewmont beer and wine shop, between 5:30 and 6:00 pm on Saturday afternoon, June 15. A family member can register Dad with the purchase of a gift card of any denomination to be used by the happy Dad for the next two-plus hours. Pizza, cards, and lively discussion are provided free as your deserving Father-figure relaxes with a glass of beer or wine or two.

He’ll be ready for pickup at 8:00 and will more than likely want to buy your dinner.

For more information contact Hops & Grapes at 828-267-2672.