Hickory – The Hickory International Council (HIC) is currently accepting applications for grants of up to $500 for community organizations that provide programs supportive of the goals, purposes, and projects of the HIC. Proposals for the grants should be received by January 31 and awardees will be identified by the end of February 2018.

The mission of the Hickory International Council is to act, among other things, to promote goodwill, mutual understanding, cooperation, and respect among citizens, internationally. These grants are not restricted to education, but to all community projects that promote the appreciation of the various international cultures represented in our community.

Grantees must provide a minimum of 50% of project support, either financially or via in kind donations, including significant volunteer effort. If volunteer effort is claimed to meet this requirement, the estimated amount of volunteer effort must be detailed in the grant application, as well as specific details as to how the applicant will use the grant monies and how the minimum 50% project support requirement will be met.

Some of the previous grant winners include the Boy Scouts of America International Camp Staff at Camp Bud Schiele, Southwest Elementary School’s multicultural event, Hickory High School’s foreign language program, Hickory Museum of Art’s refugee exhibit, and The Hickory Public Library’s international film series.

Grant applications, additional rules, and criteria are available on the HIC website at www.HickoryInternationalCouncil.com or by contacting Gretchen Oetting at [email protected].