Hickory – The City of Hickory will host the 6th race in the 2022 North Carolina Cyclo-Cross (NCCX) Series at Stanford Park on Sunday, November 6.

The first race will begin at 10 a.m., with races taking place throughout the day. Food trucks and vendors will be present, and spectators are welcome.

Participants can register online at https://www.bikereg.com/nccxhickory-2022. Additional information about the 2022 NCCX Series is available at https://www.nccyclocross.com.

The Cyclo-Cross Race in Hickory is powered by Control Technologies with additional sponsors including Rock N Road Bicycles. Stanford Park is located at 1451 8th Street Drive NE in Hickory.

For more information about the Cyclo-Cross Race, please contact Events Coordinator Lance Riddile at [email protected] or 828-261-2254.