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Tom Hanks in Greyhound

Greyhound (2020) Tom Hanks stars and penned this dramatization of the WWII naval battle known as the Battle of the Atlantic. Adapted from the book, The Good Shepherd and directed by Aaron Schneider.

Palm Springs (2020) A variation on the basic premise of Groundhog Day, which was itself a retread of the earlier short film, 12:01. Here Andy Samberg and Cristin Millioti star as wedding guests reliving the same event over and over.

A Regular Woman (2020) The true-life story of a 2005 ‘honor killing’ serves as the basis of this foreign film. Hatan Surucu, who came from a family of strict Muslims, was not happy with the marriage into which she was forced. After returning home, it became clear to her family that she wasn’t going to return even though she was also expecting a child. The shame on her family proved to be too much and it was decided that an old law could be put into effect that would allow the family to kill their daughter in order to save their honor.

American Street Kid (2018) The subject of youth homelessness is brought to the forefront in this powerhouse documentary from filmmaker Michael Leoni. The film is both intended to spread awareness and to present some possible solutions to the problem. (Available 08/04).

New To Disc:


Evil: Season One (2019-20) A psychologist and a priest in training investigate paranormal goings on taken from the files of the Catholic Church in this Netflix series that makes its disc debut. Extras include deleted/extended scenes and featurettes.

Scream Factory:

Kiss of the Vampire (1964) A young couple attempting to enjoy their honeymoon find themselves getting more than they bargained for when they chance upon a family of vampires in this thriller from Hammer Studios. Extras include new and archived commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes and trailer.


Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits (1971-81) is a massive box set containing seven films featuring the late martial arts star. They include The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon (2 Cuts), Game of Death and Game of Death 2. The set also include loads of new extras.

The Lady Eve (1941) Master comedy filmmaker Preston Sturges wrote/directed this classic romantic comedy about the daughter of a card shark (Barbara Stanwyck) attempting to woo the son (Henry Fonda) of a wealthy brewery owner. Many great comedy set pieces have earned this one a deserved reputation as a classic. Extras include new conversations with Sturges’ son and several notable filmmakers, new video essay, audio extras, trailer, commentary and an essay booklet.

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