I wonder if the NFL will find a way to complete their season? Football rosters are much larger than the other sports and I would think COVID would travel fast within a team. Just ask the Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals of MLB.

I wonder if defense is a lost art within the NBA. It was not that long ago when each team recorded around 100 points a game. These days, a typical score is 125-120. And did you know there have been games where teams actually take more three point shots than two point shots.

Speaking of COVID, I find it quite remarkable that the NHL has not had one positive test for it.

I wonder how college football will look if it actually plays out the 2020 season during the spring of 2021? Teams will have to then get ready for the 2021 season immediately after the 2020 season. The things schools will do for their football money.

I wonder if society now understands just how much they missed sports during the three-plus months the sporting world shut down due to COVID?

I wonder just how many millions of dollars college athletic departments are losing due to postponements and cancellation of seasons?

I wonder how many college football players who have their eyes on the NFL draft next year will just opt not to play if the 2020 season actually is played next spring? Why would they risk injury a few months before the NFL draft?

I wonder how many future stars will lose out on a chance to play in the NFL because there was not a 2020 season? For instance, last year’s Heisman winner, Joe Burrow, was basically an average starting quarterback at LSU before his break-out campaign last fall. There will not be any similar stories this fall and that is a shame.

I wonder if baseball managers and umpires are thinking COVID when they have their on-field arguments?

I wonder who will win the upcoming playoffs in professional sports, if the seasons are completed? I will go with the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA, the Boston Bruins in the NHL, and the Los Angeles Dodgers in baseball.