You’ve heard of Instagram, right? Sorry, who hasn’t? It’s the mobile, or possibly desktop, photo sharing program which allows you to share selfies, photo-ops or crazy, zany videos with whomever you’re digitally attached to via the mysterious air waves transmitting all our social media “keeping it real” connections. I personally don’t Instagram, but I have friends who do.

For instance, an Instagram moment might be…you’re all decked out and suddenly your lovable, and unquestionably adorable, furry mutt gives you love by jumping on you with muddy paws just as you’re exiting the house for your important…whatever…pick something. Date? Meeting? Beer run?

Stunned into an alternate reality, abruptly you are eerily hovering over your body watching as your real self… Instinctively grabs your phone, “snaps” a picture to preserve in the clouds for all eternity of the doggone mud-covered attire. Of course, including your growing brow scowl in the frame. Then swipe, click and poof! Instantly on Instagram.

Immediately snapping back to reality, you ground Fido…forever…in dog years! Followed by a mad dash to change into your second favorite ‘drop dead outfit.’\. While poor Fido is left to puppy ponder how he can possibly show you he loves you more the next time he sees you. Since you obviously didn’t appreciate the way he accessorized your outfit. (Writer’s note: A beer run doesn’t require a change of clothing. In fact, muddy paw prints add a certain designer flair. Plus, Fido gets to ride in the truck.)

Now that we’ve digested the allure of Instagram, imagine if you will Instaskin. A world where everything you think or say is written on your skin. Temporarily, of course. However, long enough so others could read it and laugh, smile, frown or…wonder about you.

This concept materialized while browsing across my computer’s desktop when I happened across a picture I had saved. Unfortunately, I won’t reproduce it because it showed two hands. One with kind, happy and positive thoughts and feelings. Yet, the other hand revealed unkind, hateful and profane language on it.

How instantly our lives would change if everything we said appeared in bold letters on our forehead, forearm or other areas of our skin. Imagine the stares if we were contemplating manipulative ideas about the person we were talking to and suddenly they erupted in anger after reading our thoughts boldly displayed on our skin.

I would imagine the underlying negative currents in this world would change rapidly if we could actually see what others were thinking. Not to forget, what we say is spelled out word for word on our skin too. The picture I saved had a note that read: “If the words you spoke appeared on your skin…would you still be beautiful?” Think about it. Let it sink in.

I had written once about only having so many words left…what would you say. However, if we had an endless supply of thoughts and words exposed openly on ourselves, how would they read? Sadness, blame, deceit, accusations, manipulations, mistrust. Or, would they be words of kindness, love, support, truth, compassion, forgiveness, joy and happiness. Think about it again, and let it really sink in.

I’ve often said, we are only as good as our word. Our word is our integrity. Let your words be kind. Joyful. True. Compassionate. Happy. Loving. Speak and think positive thoughts often, and without hesitation. Be blessed my friends.

Can you imagine…This world has enough wrong in it…let us all be what is right in the world.

Smile, it’s written all over your face!

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