Tokyo (AP) – Old-time baseball players would be appalled.

Italy’s dugout at the World Baseball Classic comes outfitted with an espresso machine. And it’s getting lots of attention.

“We are kind of shocked, actually, because this is something in Italian culture that’s sort of like water. I mean, coffee would be right after water,” Italy manager Mike Piazza said.

Piazza said he was content with the Nespresso machine in the dugout, but dissatisfied the coffee was being served in a paper cup and not a ceramic one.

“I don’t like espresso out of a paper cup. It’s kind of sacrilege,” Piazza said. “But when it’s the only option you have, you have to deal with it. Maybe next time we’ll bring the metallic machine with the copper eagle on the top and someone in there knocking espressos out. You have to make the most with the tools you have.”

Andre Marcon, the president of the Italian Baseball Federation, said he was content with the exposure Italian baseball was getting — even for its coffee habits.

“Right now we are the most followed national team for a series of things which took place connected to our ‘good old Italian customs’,” Marcon said.

Photo: Japan team pitcher Yu Darvish, center, and Italy team manager Mike Piazza.