Hickory – Jackie & Allen Finley are producing their 13th Anniversary Christmas Concert, Monday, Dec.17,  8PM at Hickory Community Theatre. The show will primarily feature Jackie, along with Nathan Hefner, percussionist Rick Cline, American Idol Top-40 Finalist Johnny White, Courtney Stocksdale, Allen Finley, and their orchestra. Music will be many Oscar-Winning favorites such as Moon River, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, The Way We Were,  Let It Go, as well as many other Christmas favorites. Last year was a quick sellout, so plan to get tickets early.Festival Seating Tickets:  $25 each. Info:  828 328 2283,  828 381 8101 or www.hickorytheatre.org.

Photos: (Bottom center) Rick Cline; (Middle) Johnny White; (Top) Jackie Finley and Nathan Hefner