Conover, NC – The City of Conover is excited to announce the receipt of the NCDOT 2022 Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Grant Initiative. The City of Conover has been awarded a Network Plan Update as approved by the Board of Transportation.Join The Conover Pedestrian

The planning grant initiative is jointly sponsored by NCDOT’s Integrated Mobility Division and the Transportation Planning Division. To date, approximately $8 million has been awarded for 254 plans in 248 municipalities and six counties through this grant program.

The City of Conover plans to use this grant to update the 2008 Pedestrian Transportation Plan. This update will include improvements to sidewalks, transit stops, and other needed improvements to increase the safety of pedestrian transportation throughout the City.

In planning for this update, the City of Conover will be forming a Steering Committee to collaborate with in the creation of this Plan Update. This committee will contain a diverse group of individuals from the City of Conover so that it may reach all of its citizens. If you are interested in being on the committee, please scan the QR Code below or visit the link:

For additional information about the Pedestrian Transportation Plan please contact City of Conover Planning Department at 828-464-1191.