The Kansas City Chiefs have signed former sixth-round pick punter Matt Araiza, who was released by the Buffalo Bills in Aug. 2022 after a lawsuit filing that accused Araiza and others of a gang rape.

Araiza maintained his innocence from the start. It took some time but it was released In Dec. 2023, that Araiza was dropped from the lawsuit. Evidence surfaced that he was not even at the party where the alleged incident took place.

Araiza, now 23, won the Ray Guy Award and was a unanimous All-American in 2021, both honoring college football’s top punter.

I find it ironic that Buffalo, who cannot seem to beat Super Bowl winners Kansas City in the playoffs, look like the losers here. They gave up on Araiza so quickly and now the Chiefs will benefit. I applaud Kansas City for giving Araiza a second chance when he should not have needed it.

The next time the Chiefs play Buffalo, I hope Araiza pins the Bills at their own one-yard line with a 50 yard plus punt.

More Baseball Thoughts

I started talking a little bit of baseball last week. Here are some more random thoughts as I await Major League Baseball.

I, for one, liked the two of baseball’s rule changes last year. I like how the pitch clock sped up games. I like the fact this has led to more stolen bases.

I wonder what pitchers facing the Los Angeles Dodgers feel when they see that LA’s first three hitters are Mookie Betts, Ohtani, and Freddy Freeman?

I read where Charlotte is still on the list of cities in the running for a MLB expansion team in the future.

The Oakland A’s won just 50 games last year while losing 112 games. Looking at the team’s 2024 roster and lineup, they may struggle to win 40 games this season.

Matt Araiza
Mookie Betts