StorytellingHickory – One Purpose Parks & Recreation Council (OPPRC) is calling on all Ridgeview community residents to join in celebrating life in Ridgeview, through some good old fashion storytelling.

February 20, 21, and 22 at 5:00 – 6:30 p.m., the public is invited to meet at the Ridgeview Recreation Center to share stories and the positive points of personal and community life in Ridgeview.

“We are asking all Ridgeview residents, ages 9 to 95, to bring us their personal stories of our fun and loving community”, states OPPRC Board member Anita Flowers.

“There are many stories and fond memories of the community to share,” said Thom Hutchens, Production Stage Manager and Board Member of Hickory Community Theatre who will share responsibilities with the residents in turning their memories and stories into three, one-act plays, and then presenting the stories on stage.

After 2-3 weeks of putting the stories to paper, Ridgeview citizens will become the storytellers on stage.  Rehearsals will be conducted for 5-6 weeks, before public performances in April, at a location to be announced. All positive thoughts, stories, folk lore, etc. are requested and will be welcomed.  Participants will share the responsibility of developing these memories into actions, and selected community members will perform the stories for public entertainment and education.

“We want to show Ridgeview as more than just a neighborhood, but a group of loving, caring and sharing group of individuals”, said OPPRC Board Member Tracy Ray.

“I desire for the lives and stories of Ridgeview to be shared beyond the Ridgeview community”, stated Hutchens.  “Getting stories on paper, and onto a stage, will show Ridgeview as a vital and valuable community within the city of Hickory.”