“Nobody LIKES me! Everyone detests me! I surmise I shall go forth and partake of a reasonably digestible portion of worms! Large, obese, succulent ones (who probably suffer from glandular problems), elongated, emaciated, viscous ones (anorexia is not humorous). Watch them writhe and contort about! Masticate their heads off, eviscerate them, and properly dispose of their exterior flesh (recycling is precedence). I fail to comprehend how fowl can consume worms thrice daily!”

“There, that is the accurately rendered reciting of that particularly tasteless nursery rhyme as I recall it, sir. Will that be all you require of my services today Mr. Chainsaw?” Thee Secretary (HCSAWWT’s prim and proper official secretary) asks with a prudish distasteful scowl.

Uh… yes Thee; that will be all. And thank you, for making a classic, silly children’s rhyme sound as graphically horrific as possible. Sheesh!

Well, that came across as a more descriptively nightmarish, rather than a childhood reminiscently clever way to open this week’s article than intended. And if looks could kill she’d have just murdered me a couple of times on her way out the door. Anywho… let’s try this again from different direction or angle… directional angle? Or something other than whatever that was.

With St. Valentine’s Day a week in the rear view, how did you fare in matters of the heart? Did you finally profess your love to your long admired and silently desired? Or find amóre at first sight in the arms of a stranger? (They may not give flowers but have the best candy.) Did you rekindle an old flame? Or feed some fresh wood into one you’ve had long burning?

Did you have an illicit affair? A dramatic, drink-induced one-night stand? Did you get caught? Was there a fight… did you get kicked… out? Is one nightstand all they let you take with you? That’s why they call it that, right… if you get caught? No that can’t be right, because you can have one nightstand if you’re single… you only need one, if it’s just you. Well, whatever happened to you and your furniture, hopefully you found love. And if not… then you needn’t worry about purchasing additional bedroom furnishings.

Chainsaw Like

Much like what you’ve read so far, love can be confusing. It could easily be regarded as the most complicated feeling in the entire spectrum of human emotions. That is until you take “like” into consideration.

What is like? Like could easily be written off as the Pluto of the emotional solar system. You can’t deny it’s there but no one really acknowledges its “emotion status.” Most consider like to simply be a lesser form of love or a stepping stone towards it; love in the first degree if you will. Insisting it begins with like and leads to love.

Seems logical, but wouldn’t that contradict “love at first sight”? Additionally, in contrast is to “like someone from the moment you meet them.” If you add these theorems into the equation, the resulting hypothesis is you can visually fall in love but require actual interaction to like. And being loved does not always equate being liked.

The thought of loving someone without liking them seems ludicrously preposterous, but consider this – you have distant relatives whom you only see at family functions. You “love” because they are family, but do you “like” them enough to want to hang out with them on the regular?

The fact is you can love someone without liking them. Just as well as you can like someone without loving them. The difference is you don’t need to love someone to like them but liking someone you love can make all the difference in the world.


ve is an emotion of faith and feeling, whereas like is one of action and intent. Love can be a fire with an intense flame, but without like for constant kindling, will burn low and stand a greater risk of going out. So is like a mere stepping stone for love or cornerstone of a loving relationship’s foundation?

Hopefully you’ve liked this article about like — I would like it if you did! I’d like to think that we think alike and maybe we’d like each other should ever we meet (we’d know in a moment I’m sure). If not, that’s cool — the bait shop has a 2 for 1 special going.

I welcome almost all questions, comments via FOCUS, or email me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from ya until then try and stay focused!

See ya.