Hickory – While you were decorating for the Christmas season,  did you located in your attic, basement, dresser drawers, or garage an unwanted cell phone, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and hearing aid batteries? But didn’t know what you with them. Why not donated, deposit, and recycle them in one of LIONS RECYCLE FOR SIGHT boxes strategically placed at various locations strategically placed throughout Catawba County, Lincoln County and surrounding counties.

What types of recyclable eye wear, does the Lions Clubs accept? New, used, prescription children and adult eyeglasses, as well as prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Due to state and federal public health laws, all recyclable eyeglasses are collected, cleaned, sorted by prescription strength, and packaged for overseas distribution. Remember there is a great demand for prescription and non- prescription sunglasses . There is a great demand for prescription and non-prescription sunglasses especially in countries located close to the Equator.  As a result of concerns about possible eye infections, contact lens can not be recycled.

What types of cellphone are accepted and recycled by the Lions Club? Androids, i-phones, Smart Phones, and all major brands are accepted for recycling. Unfortunately, bag phones are not recyclable. Remember to remove your mini-, micro- and nano- Sims cards.

What types of hearing aids are recyclable by Lions Club? The six different types of hearing aids including behind the ear, open fit, receiver in the canal, in the ear, in the canal, and completely in the canal are recyclable. All types of hearing aid batteries are recyclable.

A list of those businesses, audiologist and hearing aid specialist, financial planners, funeral homes, pharmacies, health care providers, optometrist, ophthalmologist, and eye care professionals, restaurants in Catawba County, Lincoln County, and surrounding cities/counties  participating in LIONS RECYCLE FOR SIGHT PROGRAM are listed below:

Assisted Living Centers: 1) Brookdale Assisted Living (Hickory Northeast) 2530 16th Street, NE, Hickory, NC 28601

Audiologist & Hearing Aid Specialist:  1) Bowles Hearing Care, 930 Tate Boulevard SE, Suite 105, Hickory, NC , 2) Hearing Life, 1071 13th St, SE, Hickory, NC., 3)Miracle- Ear Hearing Aid Center, 143 Vandiver Dr., Lincolnton, NC;

Chiropractic Offices: 1) ProWellness Family Chiropractic, 644 Clark Drive, Lincolnton, NC

Drug Stores: 1) The Drug Store, 626 Center Drive, Lincolnton, NC;2) The Drug Store, 9576 NC Highway 10, Vale, NC; 3) Keever Pharmacy,1814 East Main Street, Lincolnton, NC; 4) Long View Drug, 2637st SW, Hickory, NC

Dentist Offices: 1) Catawba Valley Dental (Dr. Raymond Pate), 2315 Catawba Valley Boulevard, SE, Suite #5, Hickory; 2) Claremont Dental Arts, 3034 North Oxford Street, Claremont, NC

Family Guidance Center: 17 US 70 SE, Hickory

Financial Planners: 1) Tim Bryson, Edward Jones, 3332 East Main Street, Claremont, NC

Funeral Homes: 1) Burke Funeral Home, 1101 East Maiden Road, Maiden, NC , 2) Carpenter- Porter Funeral & Cremations, 1100 East Main Street, Cherryville, NC; 3) E.F. Drum Funeral Home, 210 North Academy Street, Lincolnton, NC; 4) Good Samaritan Funeral Home, 3362 North Highway 16, Denver, NC; 5) Jenkins Funeral Home, 4081 Startown Road, Newton; 6) Stamey-Cherryville Funeral Home, 405 North Dixie Street Cherryville, NC ; and 7) Warlick Funeral Home, 125 Dave Warlick Drive, Lincolnton, NC

Municipal Government: 1) Town of Long View Government Center 2404 1st Avenue, SW, Hickory, NC

Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, & Vision Centers: 1) Advance Family Eye Care, 7547 Waterloop Road, Suite A, Denver, NC; 2) Carolina Eye Care, 623 North Highway 16, Denver, NC; 3) Carolina Eye Care, 231 North General’s Boulevard, Lincolnton, NC; 4) Cherryville Eye Center ( Dr. Van Dellinger), 201 West Church Street, Cherryville, 5)Elite Family Eye Care ( Dr. Yupheng Ly & Dr. Doua Lov), 2339  US Highway 70 SE  (near Bob Evans Restaurant) Hickory, NC; 6) Graystone Eye, 2424 Century Place, SE, Hickory, NC; 7) Graystone Eye, 2311 East Main Street, Lincolnton, NC; 8)Graystone Eye, 2424 Century Place, Hickory, NC;  9) Lincoln Eye Center, 110 Doctors Park, Lincolnton, NC; 10) Looking Glass Vision Center, 2511 Springs Road, Hickory, NC; 11) Looking Glass Vision Center, 1526 US Highway 70, Hickory, NC; 12) Maiden Eye Clinic, 503 Island Road, Maiden, NC; 13) Mountain View Eye Center,  3038  South Highway 127, Hickory, NC; 14) Stanley Eye Clinic ( Dr. Frederick Hornack, O.D.), 204 South Main Street, Stanley; 15) Treasurer’s Vision, Northgate Plaza, 2439 North Center Street, Hickory, NC; 16) Wal-Mart Vision Center, 201 Zelkova Court, NE, Conover, NC; 17) Wal-Mart Vision Center, 306 North General’s Boulevard, Lincolnton, NC; 18) Wal-Mart Vision Center, 2525 Highway 70 SE, Hickory, NC

Podiatrist: 1) Foot and Ankle, 268 Gillman Road, Denver, NC; and 2) Unifour Podiatry (Dr. Jon Grogan)  912 2nd St. NE, Suite 2, Hickory, NC

Recreation Center:

Walkin’ Roll Activities Center

202 S. Center Street

Hildebran, NC

Restaurants: 1) Four Peas In A Pod, Villa Park Shopping Center, 426 Conover Blvd., Conover, NC 28613

Churches & Schools: 1) Southwest Primary School 1580 32nd St. SW Hickory; 2) W.H. Johnson SDA School Hickory Seventh Day Adventist Church, 172 23rd St NW, Hickory, NC

Who Are The Lions? Where There’s A NEED. There’s a LION.

When it comes to meeting challenges, Lions Club International , is always looking for opportunities to live up to their motto “WE SERVE.” Founded in 1917 by Melvin Jones, an insurance executive in Chicago, Illinois, Lions Club International is the world’s largest  service organization, with over 1.4 million members in over 46,000 clubs in over 210 countries and geographic areas around the world.

Currently, Catawba and Lincoln County Lions Club are looking dedicated community mind men and ladies  ( 21 years old and older) to volunteer at their service projects/fund raisers and explore the possibility of membership. For more information, please check out their websites as follows:

Lions Club International: https://www.lionsclubs.org/club-locator

NC Lions, Inc.: https://nclions.org