ChainsawLet us be honest- last year was a little taste of hell on earth. Potential death with every breath, disease running rampant in the streets and the entire world gripped in fear of the possibility of a mass extinction event. As a whole we masked up, spaced out, picked up, cleaned up and sanitized… everything, all in a united attempt to save our species.

Now, less than a year later, with the flames of aforementioned hell still burning bright, the idiocracy that is humanity’s destiny rises again to the planet’s surface, along with the plethora of filth our species produces. Begging the question — “Are we really worth saving?”

Yes, people, we are talking about littering. And if you fail to comprehend the correlation between litter, filth and the spread of disease, especially along our waterways, especially with recent events … well that’s just dumb!

Every piece of trash you throw down or leave behind corrupts the environment… the environment we require to survive, the only one we’ve got.

You would think the threat of a global pandemic would be enough to scare folks into picking up after themselves but NOOOO. Instead we find they just up the ante.

litterScads of broken glass scattered about are an all too familiar sight on my yearly litter walk, but shredded, burnt aluminum beer cans? WTF people??? You do realize aluminum will not burn or melt in a campfire… that’s not how recycling works. And if they don’t burn up… well tossing a fire-hot can into dry brush can have even more catastrophic results. Only you!!! Not only are you ruining the landscape and polluting the environment, but you’re risking setting it on fire!!! All because you’re too lazy to carry a beer can back to your vehicle (they’re lighter when they’re empty, you know). Plus you’re endangering wildlife and ruining the nature for others as well as yourself… should you return… before your mommy has a chance to come pick up after you.

Digressing before we fall into childish antics and schoolyard insults, dumb doo-doo brains (last one).

Seriously though, even if you don’t believe in the human pollution contribution to global warming, you’d be a fool not to acknowledge our recent global warning. The planet’s getting tired of our s*** and has proven it can dispose of us at its leisure. We need it… it doesn’t need us. So pick up your trash or don’t throw it down in the first place.

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Hope to hear from you, until then try and stay focused. See ya!