Hickory – Redhawk Publications is excited to announce the publication of “Cracks in the Dark,” a poetry collection by Beverly C. Finney. Finney worked in continuing Local Author’s Poetry Collectioneducation and public relations at Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute and retired from Blue Ridge Energy as the senior vice-president of community and public relations. Finney began writing in 2000 after being encouraged by Julian Scheer, who is best known for his work promoting NASA, and began writing poetry in 2009. Cracks in the Dark is Finney’s second published collection, her first being Bearing Witness.

Finney comments, “I was working on another collection but set it aside to do Cracks as my offering to help ease some of the anxiety, fatigue, and despair so many of us have been feeling. I wanted this collection to feel interactive, so I included spaces for readers to make their own observations about the ways light seeps through the cracks in the darkness of their lives. It’s what gives us hope; keeps us going. I’m also inviting them to share those with me. I hope Cracks, like Witness, is accessible to anyone who finds meaning in reading and reflecting on the human experience. Most of all, I offer my poems to those looking for respite and companionship at a time when both seem in short supply. Some of the poems lift up while others encourage examining our perspectives.”

Redhawk Publications Senior Editor Robert Canipe remarked, “Finney does a wonderful job of conveying the emotions we have all felt lately. Cracks in the Dark encourages readers to dig deep into their own emotions and feelings, whether new or old, and examine them just as Finney does. I highly recommend Cracks in the Dark for anyone looking for a poetry collection full of honesty, transparency, and for those looking to express themselves with their own poetry.”

To purchase Cracks in the Dark, visit https://tinyurl.com/BeverlyFinneyCracks

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Bev Finney