chainsaw_headerWith the week’s end in sight, as the five-day, forty hour working week draws to a close, a commonplace inquiry is inquired- “Are you looking forward to the weekend?” This query is oft made in expectation of a positive response. With the intention that it will prompt and encourage the asker to expound upon their own upcoming weekend endeavors.

They are sorely disappointed. As the unexpected and immediate response of – “No!” is issued. Their intent further quelled by the somber statement following said no- “I haven’t looked forward to a weekend for ten years.”

This pretty much closes the discussion, but allow me to elaborate. The weekends are the time when the Grand-saw is away. Departing Friday evening and returning Sunday afternoon and is sorely missed.

The interim is filled with worrisome longing and fervent anticipation. The thought of “looking forward” to anything during this lapse brings unbidden feelings of guilt at expressing joy in absence. Assuredly there are other parental figures who can relate.   

A decade’s worth of week’s end dread has led to a sort of domino effect. Resulting in what is seemingly the inability to “look forward” to anything. Yeap, everything from here on out sucks and that sucks!

But one must look forward. Because constantly looking backwards can result in walking into stuff. Looking backwards… perhaps therein lies the answer. Looking back to what and when we looked forward to… -))) TIME TRAVEL (((-

When did we first look forward? How long after being conceived did we conceive our first forward glance? As our involuntary 9-month prison term ended did we look forward to our escape? Can anyone remember? I’ve tried but it’s all dark.

Afterbirth… oops- after birth it seems our parents do most of the looking forward for us for those first few years. Because we are stupid babies. Those first steps, first words and then looking forward to a time when we’ll shut up and sit still for a minute.

It seems our initial forward-looking skills are imprinted on us from an early age. Our folks are excited with anticipation at every little thing we do. Thus, we enter the world, eyes wide with wonder. Wondering (and looking forward to) whatever comes next. Life will take hold later.

Riding a bike, going to school, learning to read and write. Sadly, some dread the latter two and never master or even attempt. Making new friends. Seeing our already friends. Waking up in the morning. Going to bed at night. And all the playtime in between.

As we grow older our forward vision narrows a bit. Though we still look, often we become more focused on landmark events. At 15 we can work. At 16 we can drive. At 18 we can vote. At 21 we can drink. At any age we can fall in love. Our first job, car, political decision, drink and true love. Then we start paying taxes and life slaps us around a bit.

Still, we look forward. Marriage (divorce?). Our first place, our forever home. Our first child.

Certainly, there are a billion and one little things and events along the way that garner a forward glance or two. Things as simple as that morning cup of joe and as complex as a week-long vacation with the whole fam-damnily.

As time passes, we begin to look forward more for others. Ways to earn our spouse’s happiness.

And bestowing upon our offspring that same forward-looking ability by looking forward to everything they do. Oh, we still find time for ourselves, but looking forward is better if shared and more better (improper English can be fun) if given.

And then we get older. We look forward to paying off that forever home, hopefully retiring before we die (hopefully not alone). Our forward vision is much wider now. Our time grows short, and we see all. And with the advent of grandchildren grows broader daily. Which brings us full circle.

Yeah, there’s a lot more forward s*** but time passes, and space runs out. Maybe if I could find just one thing to look forward to it would un-domino (re-domino?). Well, for starters… I suppose I could look forward to you reading this and maybe finding a chuckle or two along the way.   

I look forward to seeing you here next week and welcome almost all questions, comments via through the Focus, or E-mail me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused! See ya.