Lincolnton, NC – The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is a Gallery 27 tradition. The purpose of this exhibit is to challenge artists to create outside their comfort zones, and provide collectors with fun and quirky original works of art. The participating artists are given mysterious prompts, or weird rules to ensure each exhibit is unpredictable in nature and a one-of-a-kind event.

This year’s challenge began with five initial artists who were invited to a secret group. They were then presented with this year’s theme and each was asked to invite five additional artists. Those artist invitees were then asked to invite five more artists; creating a viral “rabbit hole” effect. We are always excited to see which artists will join us on this annual artistic adventure.

The theme given for this year’s event is Wanderland: A Fairytale Forest and was inspired by a twist on Lewis Carroll’s fictional Wonderland. It’s hard to imagine a traditional fairy tale without an ancient forest. Create a work of art inspired by magical and timeless forests, real or imaginary. Let the woodlands inspire you by its ever changing environment; brimming with sounds, smells, and textures. Let the light and shade of the forest, spooky silhouettes of gnarly branches, darkest corners of sunlit clearings, and the stirrings of mythical creatures as your guide. Wanderland is waiting for you, so travel with your imagination.

Join us for the Tea Party on opening night and see what these artists have created. All work is available for purchase and will be sold in a silent auction. The auction will begin during the opening reception on March 10, from 7-9pm, and run until the last day of the show April 18, 2018. Gallery 27, 808 Highway 27 West, Lincolnton NC.