Downsizing (2017) (** ½) is the first misfire from director Alexander Payne, a flawed satire revolving around a couple who decide to use a new technology to shrink themselves as a way to maximize their finances. Extras include featurettes.

Warner Brothers:

Justice League (2017) (**) is the long awaited but disappointing teaming of all of the major characters in the DC comics universe. Bonus features include multiple featurettes

Shout Factory:

The Burbs (1989) (** ½) Tom Hanks and Bruce Dern star in this horror comedy as a pair of neighbors who suspect that the latest addition to their neighborhood may secretly be murderers.  Extras include audio commentary, making-of doc, work print of the film, alternate ending, trailers and galleries.

Fox Home Entertainment:

The Shape of Water (2017) (***1/2) The Best Picture Oscar winner about the love affair between a mute woman and an amphibious creature makes its home video debut. Extras include multiple featurettes and the film’s trailer.


I Tonya (2017) (***) The Oscar winning account of the saga of figure skater Tonya Harding is a well made film that’s equally funny and heartbreaking. Extras include deleted scenes, commentary and behind the scenes featurette.

Warner Archive: (Available at

Harper (1966) (***) features Paul Newman in his first appearance as novelist Ross McDonald’s private eye. Extras include screenwriter commentary and the film’s trailer.

The Drowning Pool (1975) (** 1/2) is a sequel to Harper and also stars Paul Newman. Here the detective attempts to assist an unfaithful wife after her husband vanishes. Extras include a vintage featurette and the film’s trailer.

While the City Sleeps/Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956) (***/** ½) are the two final American films for director Fritz Lang, available on separate discs. The first one is a serial killer thriller while the second is a less compelling courtroom drama centering around a reporter’s expose on capital punishment. No Extras

The Black Scorpion (1956) (**1/2) is a typical giant monster on the loose film of its era, saved by the great special effects work of the master technician, Willis O’ Brien. No Extras.

Kino Lorber:

The Outer Limits: Season One (1963-64) (*** ½) The complete first season of the iconic 60s sci-fi series is now available with brand new and striking high definition transfers for the first time. This set includes a forty-page booklet and multiple audio commentaries and is an essential for any and all fans of great science fiction.

A Fistful of Dynamite (1971) (** ½) Director Sergio Leone’s final western is the tale of an explosives expert and a peasant who team up to defeat a Mexican militia and liberate political prisoners, among other things. The end result is muted due to the film’s overlength. Extras include multiple audio commentaries, five featurettes, trailers and more.

Twilight Time: Limited to 3,000 units and available for purchase at and

Underworld USA (1961) (***) is one of director Samuel Fuller’s better efforts, a revenge tale starring the great Cliff Robertson. Extras include two featurettes, trailer and isolated music track.

The New Centurions (1972) (***) is director Richard Fleischer’s adaptation of the Joseph Wambaugh best seller, which focuses on the day to day lives of a group of up and coming police officers. Extras include audio commentaries, isolated music track and original trailer.

The Seven Ups (1973) (** ½) is a quasi sequel to The French Connection, centering on the anti drug crusade of one of that film’s secondary characters (Roy Scheider). Extras include rejected score for the film, featurettes, commentary, isolated music track and trailers.

Don’t Bother to Knock (1952) (***) features Marilyn Monroe in a great turn as a mentally unstable babysitter terrorizing a man she’s convinced is her dead lover. Extras include documentaries, isolated music track and the film’s trailer.


Women in Love (1969) (***) is the film that put director Ken Russell on the map, character study of two men, two women and their love affairs. Extras include commentaries, bonus Ken Russell film, essay book, the film’s trailer and interviews.

HBO Home Entertainment:

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season Nine (*** ½) Larry David is back after a hiatus in a show that’s as consistently funny as ever.  Extras include deleted scenes. Coming soon: Grease (40th Anniversary), Up in Smoke (40th), Doctor Detroit, Cyborg, Father Figures, Full Moon High.

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