chainsaw_headerFront page headline from the Mayfield Tribune, June 6th, 2023 — BODY FOUND IN CORNFIELD.

The body of 17-year-old Megan Follows was discovered Monday in the back field of the Baker farm along Route 7. Megan was reported missing by her parents when she failed to return home Saturday night. The sheriff’s department is ruling it as a homicide.

As consciousness resumes, she is aware of the pounding in her temples. Last memories of blinding whiteness, a fowl stench and then…nothing, are fleeting. Trying to lift her hand to her aching head she finds it immobile. Looking down she sees her hands are strapped to chair arms. Further observation reveals that her legs and torso suffer the same fate.

Dim light through the room’s one window illuminates her surroundings. To the left ­— leather saddle bags, a small black attaché case and leather-bound book sit on a worktable. To her right — tools, saw and other cutting implements hang from hooks on the wall. Down the middle — an open doorway in which stands a back-lit figure.

Front page headline from the Mayfield Tribune, July 5th, 2023 — MIDNITE MAULER STRIKES AGAIN

The mangled remains of missing 16-year-old Heather Simmons were found by groundskeepers behind the Mayfield High practice field yesterday afternoon. Heather, like the Midnite Mauler’s previous victim, was a varsity cheerleader for Mayfield High. Sheriff O’Quinn believes a pattern is emerging, fearing this may be the work of a serial murderer.

A tall, gaunt older man steps into the room. Dressed in a blood-red topcoat, white shirt, black trousers, topped with an aged top hat. She stifles a gasp as he leans toward her. With a curt nod he acknowledges her awareness. Then promptly turns and opens the book and makes a notation.

Robin doesn’t know where this is, but she knows exactly what this is. The bunched-up hem of her cheerleading skirt under her leg tells all. She will be the next headline for the Midnite Mauler!

Front page headline from the Mayfield Tribune, August 4th, 2023 — MIDNITE MAULER CLAIMS 3rd CHEERLEADER

The eviscerated body of missing 17-year-old Mayfield High cheerleader Cassidy Eckert was recovered by officials from the wooded area near Potters Lake yesterday morning. Local police believe it to be the same MO of the two previous murders, but have no leads. Sheriff O’Quinn has called in assistance from the FBI after this third brutal slaying.

Completing the entry, the man closes his book, giving Robin a cursory glance, he turns to rummage through the saddlebags. From which he removes a small pair of scissors, a scalpel, a syringe and 3 small vials. Turning to her he states, “Please do be still and this will not be painful.”

He takes a vial of blood, a lock of hair and a light scraping of skin. She doesn’t flinch. She must stay in control, it’s her only hope… but cannot. Unbidden tears begin to trickle down her cheeks. Sobbing aloud she begs, “Please… (sobs) you don’t have to do this!”

He looks at her quizzically. “Do what?” he prompts. “I’ve yet to do anything and may not have to. Now please be patient this will all be over soon… one way… or another.” Robin bites her lip in resignation and remains silent. With a nod of thanks, the man studies the vials of her essences. She cannot see what he’s about, but a sense of dread falls over her when he lets out a long forlorn sigh. “Oh,” he says, more to himself that her, “I am so sorry, we shall have to do this yet again.” With this he opens the attaché case, turns to face her and thus they remain as the sun fades into the horizon and darkness enshrouds them.

Second page article from the Mayfield Tribune, December 1st, 2023 — MIDNITE MAULER’s Reign of Terror at an End?

As the Christmas season ensues Sheriff O’Quinn has lifted the curfew that was put in place at the height of the Midnite Mauler’s rampage. The killer’s most recent victim-17-year-old Mayfield High cheerleader Robin Groves was found over 2 months ago and was hopefully the last. Police still have no suspects but are puzzled by the killer’s departing murder which doesn’t match the previous MO — a single gunshot to the head… with a lead slug… laced with silver.

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