Film Reviews by Adam Long

Now in Theaters:

The Many Saints of Newark (2021) (** ½) The long-awaited prequel to the enormously successful TV series, The Sopranos, has finally arrived but, unfortunately, the result is a mixed bag. The film, which takes place in the late 60s/early70s, fills in the back story on most of the TV series’ iconic characters and features some good performances and a few truly terrific individual scenes. The film’s positive attributes still can’t overcome certain gaps in the storytelling area and an overall choppy feel that pervades throughout.


Alessandro Nivola and Michael Gandolfini in The Many Saints of Newark

New to Streaming:

Hester Street (1975) (***) Newly restored in 4K, Joan Micklin Silver’s acclaimed debut, shot in beautiful black and white, stars Carol Kane as a Jewish woman settling in NYC at the turn of the century and finding that her husband has given in to the seedier aspects of his new culture. The late Steven Keats gives a remarkable performance as the husband.

New to Disc:

Scream/Shout Factory:

Halloween (1978), Halloween II (1981), Halloween III: The Season of the Witch (1982), Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) and Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers (1989) have all been given the 4K upgrade with new bonus content to go along with the new transfers. Each disc is sold separately and retains previously issued special features from past editions.

Elvira’s Haunted Hills (2002) In her second feature film appearance, the title character finds herself pursued by an evil Lord. Sam Irvin directs the comedic film with gusto. Extras include new commentary and intro by Elvira and previously issued featurettes, interview and outtakes.

Don Knotts Five Movie Collection (1966-71) is a new Blu Ray set containing the comic actor’s work for Universal Studios. The set contains some new extras as well along with the five films.

Warner Archive:

Tex Avery’s Screwball Classics Volume 3 (1942-57) Twenty more cartoon shorts from the master creator of cartoon shorts at MGM are being issued this week by the label.

Night Shift (1982) Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler star in this classic comedy from director Ron Howard about two enterprising men who run a prostitution service out of a funeral home during the Night Shift of the film’s title. No extras but the Blu Ray upgrade is cause enough for celebration for the film’s fans.

Indie Pix:

The Universality of it All (2020) explores what connects us through the lens of human migration in this documentary from Andres Bronnimann. Extras include commentary and trailer.

Film Movement:

Aalto (2021) is a documentary film about life and times of the revered modern architect, Alvar Aalto. No Extras.


The Audrey Hepburn Collection (1953-64) This new Blu Ray set includes most of the actress’s output at Paramount. Films included are Breakfast at Tiffany’s, War and Peace, Sabrina, My Fair Lady, Paris When it Sizzles, Roman Holiday and Funny Face. Previously issued extras are included.

The Hunt for Red October (1990) The first of the Jack Ryan novels to make it to the big screen has been given a 4K upgrade. Previously issued extras are included.

Also being issued by the company this week are What Lies Beneath (2000), The Relic (1996), The Time Machine (2002) and Dead Again (1991).

Cohen Media:

The Awakening (2021) Rebecca Hall is a skeptic who finds herself hunted by an evil spirit she attempted to disprove in this thriller from Nick Murphy. Extras include deleted scenes, featurettes and interview.


Universal Classic Monsters Collection (1931-41) is a set containing 4K upgrades of The Invisible Man, Frankenstein, The Wolfman and Dracula along with previously issued extras.

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