Hickory – Full Circle Arts welcomes three artists who have joined the organization as exhibiting members. They are Rose Mary Cheek, Hannah Grace, and Ernest Sills.

The three artists have a special display at the Full Circle Arts gallery now to August 24.

Rose Mary Cheek has been one of North Carolina’s premier portrait photographers for 25 years although now she concentrates more on fine art, painting in Photoshop and landscapes.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries and competitions nationally.   Ms Cheek has received certifications and a Photographic Master’s degree from the Professional Photographer’s Association and is a former President of the Professional Photographers of North Carolina.  She has been recognized in her field for teaching Photoshop skills to photographers across the United States.

Past Treasures by Rose Mary Cheek

Hannah Grace is an oil and acrylic painter from Hickory, NC. She began painting and drawing as a child, and went on to graduate with Honors from UNC Asheville’s Fine Arts program in 2013. Students here were taught to incorporate other knowledge bases into their works, which is when she found a way to articulate her passion for psychological and emotional subjects. She’s been finding ways to fit painting into her life since then, and a few years ago took the leap into creating full-time. She teaches formal drawing and painting lessons at her dining room table with wonderful students; she goes to local breweries and galleries to teach non-artists the joys of painting and sipping, so that they can better appreciate the arts while relieving stress from their lives; she sits home in her studio and makes loads of paintings for galleries, festivals, stores, and patrons. It’s a life surrounded by paints. Her subject matter ranges widely from landscapes to pets to portraits, and really centers around any theme that will bring joy and connection to her audience. She strives to keep her work as affordable and unique as possible so that someone might feel the happiness of taking home a piece of artwork they love. She’ll have prints, small mixed media pieces, and affordable originals available for purchase at FCA.

Ernest “Ernie” Sills is the recently retired president and managing partner of CBSA Architects in Hickory, North Carolina and has more than 51 years of experience with all facets of architecture and planning. Ernie started painting as a young person, which he continued through college. (By chance, Ernie was in the same art class in high school as Tommy Stine and Joe Lafone). He continued painting for a short while after graduation from NC State University and two years in the Army, but kids and demands of work finally got in his way.

About eight years ago he promised his wife, Cindy, that he could re-create a painting they had seen of Santorini while visiting there. The picture now hangs in their living room and Ernie has renewed his love of painting.  He has exhibited in several Downtown Hickory Art Crawls and tells us he has even sold a painting or two.

Full Circle Arts’ gallery is at 42-B Third Street NW, Hickory.  Regular hours are Wednesday – Friday 11am-5pm and Sat., 10am – 2pm.  The gallery is also displaying its exhibition/competition, “Abstractions”, July 25 to August 24.

FCA is a non-profit artists’ cooperative.  More information about Full Circle Arts, membership, or other upcoming events is available at 828-322-7545.  You may also write to Full Circle Arts, PO Box 3905, Hickory NC 28603, or email [email protected].  Visit our website at www.fullcirclearts.org.