New to Streaming:

Sly (***) Slyvester Stallone reflects on his fifty plus year career while in the midst of selling his longtime home in this often moving and illuminating documentary portrait. If there’s a demerit to be found it’s that too much time is spent on Rambo and Rocky and not enough on some other high spots (Cliffhanger, Nighthawks) in the actor and filmmaker’s career. Definitely worth seeing but the ninety five minute run time just isn’t enough to get it all in.

 New to Disc:


Scrooged (1988) Richard Donner’s reworking of the classic Charles Dickens tale, starring Bill Murray as a curmudgeonly TV exec, makes its way to 4K this week just in time for the holidays. Extras include archival commentary and featurettes.

The classic Eddie Murphy comedy, Trading Places (1983), also gets a 4K facelift this week while retaining the previously issued bonus materials.

Shout/Scream Factory:

The exceptional Best Picture Oscar nominee and one of the crowning achievements of the Coen Brothers, Fargo (1996), gets a 4K makeover along with a few new extras and some older ones as well. Also being issued by the label this week is Surviving the Game (1994), director Ernest Dickerson’s reworking of the 1932 film The Most Dangerous Game. There are a few new extras there as well.

Cohen Media:

Buster Keaton Collection Volume 5 (1923) Three Ages/Our Hospitality are two of the silent comic’s most celebrated early films, now making their Blu Ray debut with stunning new restorations.


American Graffiti (1973) George Lucas’s first major success-a classic portrait of a group of teens on their last night before embarking into the world of adulthood-gets a new 50th edition that also includes the 4K debut of the film. No new extras but archival bonus material that’s now 25 years old (!) is retained.

American Graffiti


The holiday themed horror comedy from last year, Violent Night (2022), also gets a 4K redo from the label this week.


Shamus (1973) Burt Reynolds is a NY private eye offered a large sum of money to recover some diamonds in this crime caper from director Buzz Kulick.

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