Film Reviews by Adam Long

New to Theaters:

French Exit (2021) Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges are a cash-strapped mother and son who upend their lives for a chance to live in Paris in a friend’s borrowed apartment in this drama from director Azazel Jacobs.

French Exit

Michelle Pfeiffer & Lucas Hedges in French Exit

New to Streaming:

Tina (2021) is an affectionate portrait of the legendary performer, Tina Turner, from filmmakers Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin. The film includes a wealth of never before seen footage plus new interviews.

New to Disc:

The Ten Commandments (1956) The perennial favorite and final film from director Cecil B. Demille gets the 4K treatment in this edition. All of the extras have been ported over from previous editions.

The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) Cecil B. Demille’s Best Picture winning take on the backstage highs and lows of the Ringling Brothers Circus makes its high definition debut as part of the Paramount Presents series. A Leonard Maltin featurette is the only extra.

Bad News Bears (1976) Michael Ritchie’s classic comedy about a loser (Walter Matthau) who assumes the task of coaching a group of misfits on a softball team has now been issued in the Blu Ray format. No extras.

Warner Brothers:

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) The much anticipated sequel to the 2017 film makes it disc debut in both 4k and Blu-Ray. Extras include a making of doc and featurettes.


Defending Your Life (1991) Albert Brooks is a recently deceased man who must prove that he’s worthy to enter the heavenly gates in this winning comedy. Meryl Streep co-stars. Extras include a new conversation with Brooks, who co-wrote and directed.

Secrets and Lies (1996) An optometrist seeks out her biological mother in this terrific and critically acclaimed drama from director Mike Leigh. Extras include new and archived interviews and the film’s trailer.

Warner Archive:

Isle of the Dead (1945) A reporter (Boris Karloff) finds himself caught in a quarantine, the cause of which may or may not be a vampire. Mark Robson directs from a script co-written by Val Lewton.

The Bermuda Depths (1978) The quest for a giant sea turtle and a mysterious beauty figure prominently in this fondly remembered sci-fi TV movie from the folks who created the 1964 Rudolph Christmas special. Burl Ives, Connie Selleca and Carl Weathers star. Extras include a new commentary.

Severin Films:

Perdita Durang (1997) is one of two films from director Alex de la Iglesia getting the 4K treatment. Rosie Perez and Javier Bardem star as a couple on a crime spree while traveling to Las Vegas in Perdita Durang. The other is The Day of the Beast (1995), in which a priest and a heavy metal fan attempt to stop the birth of the antichrist. Both contain new extras and transfers.

Nosferatu in Venice (1988) Klaus Kinski reprises the title role in this quasi sequel to the 1979 original credited with four directors. A terrific new film on the actor’s last years is also included.

A Scream in the Streets (1973) is the horror tale of a pair of LAPD detectives on the trail of a murderous transvestite. Extras include trailers and two shorts made from the film’s outtakes.

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