Film Reviews by Adam Long

New to Streaming:

Godzilla Versus Kong (2021) The two monster titans square off in the latest entry from the Legendary Pictures Monsterverse. Kyle Chandler and Millie Bobby Brown star and Adam Wingard (You’re Next).

Shoplifters of the World (2021) In 1987 Denver, Colorado, a group of impassioned fans of the British group, The Smiths, find their lives suddenly disrupted by the news of the breakup of the group. In response, one of them decides to take desperate measures by taking a radio station hostage.

New to Disc:

Thundarr the Barbarian: The Complete Series (1980-81) Robert Ridgely provides one of the voices in this fondly remembered animated series about a barbarian and his companions traveling through a ravaged earth and fighting evil whenever the opportunity arises. A bonus featurette is included.


Barb and Starr Go to Vista Del Mar (2021) Two lifelong friends stumble into a series of misadventures when they venture out of their small town for the first time ever. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo star. They also penned the script, their first since the wildly successful, Bridesmaids, was released.

Barb and Starr Go to Vista Del Mar

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo in Barb and Starr Go to Vista Del Mar


Little Miss Marker (1980) Prolific, and formerly blacklisted, screenwriter Walter Bernstein directed this updating of the Shirley Temple chestnut from 1934. Walter Matthau and Julie Andrews star in this tale of a compulsive gambler who finds his carefree life upended when he’s tasked with taking care of a little girl who just happens to be his daughter. No Extras.

The Last Days (1998) is an Oscar winning documentary profile of five imprisoned Jews who survived Auschwitz. No extras.


The Carole Lombard Collection Volume II (1935-36) includes several films from the classic film actress’s career. Titles included are Hands Across the Table, Love Before Breakfast and The Princess Comes Across.

Western Classics II (1953-57) Jeff Chandler, Fred MacMurray and Maureen O’ Hara are just of a few of the talents you’ll find in this collection of oaters from the mid 1950s. Talents included are The Redhead From Wyoming, Pillars of the Sky and Gun for a Coward.

Also, two 1975 titles previously issued by Twilight Time and now out of print, are getting reissued with new commentaries and some of the previous extras carried over. They are Sam Peckinpah’s The Killer Elite and Norman Jewison’s Rollerball. James Caan has the lead in both films.


Death Has Blue Eyes (1976) Two con artists get more than they bargain for when they attempt to scam a telepathic woman and her daughter in this action/thriller entry from director Niko Mastorakis. Extras include new director and actress interview, two versions of the film, image gallery and trailer.

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