Film Reviews by Adam Long

New to Disc:

Warner Archive:

Another Thin Man (1939) The third film in the beloved Thin Man series debuts on hi-def with a spiffy new transfer. Here Nick and Nora aid a businessman convinced he’s going to be murdered. Extras include a musical short, classic cartoon and trailer.

Quick Change (1990) Bill Murray co-directs and stars in this winning comedy about a man and his two accomplices who attempt a robbery but can’t seem to get out of NYC after the event. No extras.

Each Dawn I Die (1939) A reporter finds himself struggling to prove his innocence after being wrongfully imprisoned. James Cagney and George Raft co-star. Extras include cartoons, trailers, short subjects, commentary, documentary and a radio show.

Kino/Cohen Media have issued two British film noir classics on one disc. These are Cast a Dark Shadow (1955) and Wanted for Murder (1946). No extras.


Donnie Darko (2001) The cult classic makes its ultra high definition debut in a new edition that includes all of the previously issued extras along with new transfers of two cuts of the film. Also includes a limited edition 100 page book. 

D’Jango (1966) Franco Nero is the one and only title character, caught in the middle of a war between a gang and revolutionaries, in the film that made him a star. All of the previously issued extras are replicated here along with a 60 page book.

Film Movement:

My Little Sister (2020) A once revered playwright has her hands full dealing with a failing marriage and her brother’s battle with a deadly cancer, the latter of which fuels her to create again. This film was Switzerland’s official entry for this year’s Oscars. Extras include a bonus short film.

Grizzly Movie

Grizzly Movie

Far Western (2017) The influence of American country music in Japan during the latter half of the 20th century is the focus of this documentary film. No extras.

Corinth Films:

Waterboys (2016) A father and son, both recently single, attempt to rekindle their strained relationship in this drama from filmmaker Robert Jan Westdijk.

Severin Films:

Deep Blood (1990) An ancient shark suddenly resurfaces and begins terrorizing a small beach community in this Italian cult item from director Joe D’Amato and Raf Donato which was filmed on Florida beaches and in Rome swimming pools. No Extras.

Grizzly (1976) The 18 foot star of the film’s title goes on a rampage against campers in a state park in this decently made Jaws clone from director William Girdler that became one of the most successful indie films ever made. Christopher George and Richard Jaeckel star. Extras include commentary, interviews, featurettes and trailer.

Day of the Animals (1977) Animals go on the rampage after the earth’s ozone layer is destroyed in another horror entry from William Girdler which reunites him with Grizzly stars Christopher George and Richard Jaeckel. Girdler would go on to direct The Manitou the following year and die soon after in a tragic helicopter crash at age 32. Leslie Nielsen and Lynda Day George also star. Extras include commentary, interviews, documentary, still gallery and trailer.

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