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Leap Of Faith: William Friedkin On The Exorcist (2020) is a lively filmed discussion with the director of The Exorcist on the lasting impact of the film and the decisions that went into its creation. Revelatory even for those who think they know everything there is to know about the film. Recommended.

New to Disc:


Moonstruck (1987) Cher won an Oscar for her work as a widowed Italian romantically involved with two brothers in this delightful romantic comedy. Extras include commentaries, featurettes, trailer and interviews.

The Irishman (2019) Director Martin Scorsese’s 2019 Oscar nominee for best picture makes its physical disc debut with this release. Extras include making of doc, featurettes and trailer.

Essential Fellini (1950-87) Fourteen of the Italian director’s most fondly remembered films have been brought together in this fifteen disc set housed in a book. There are numerous extras in the set that fill the bonus disc.

Vinegar Syndrome:

The Beastmaster (1982) The cult classic about a man who uses his communication skills with animals in order to battle a wizard gets the 4K treatment with this new release. There are multiple extras including commentaries and documentaries.

Warner Archive:

The Pirate (1948) An unhappily betrothed young woman, Judy Garland, falls hard for a traveling circus performer in this musical from director Vincente Minnelli. Extras include commentary, vintage shorts and a making of featurette.

Bruce Dern in Silent Running

Time-Life: Can be purchased online at

Saturday Night Live: The Best Of Seasons 1-5 (1975-80) is a twelve disc collection of some of the best sketches from the first five years of the classic sketch comedy series. The set includes entire shows from each of the first five years of the series.


Silent Running (1972) Special effects expert Douglas Trumbull made his directing debut with this futuristic sci-fi film about a botanist, Bruce Dern, tasked with saving the last of earth’s vegetation. Extras include archival documentary, interview featurette on the film’s music, trailer, image gallery, new and archived commentaries and a visual essay.

Burst City (1982) Two rival punk bands come together for a battle of the bands, set against the backdrop of a futuristic wasteland, in this dystopian sci-fi film. Extras include trailer, image gallery, commentary and interviews.

He Came From the Swamp: The William Grefe Collection (1966-77) is a lovingly crafted boxed set containing the majority of the low budget filmmakers work from the 60s and 70s. Titles included are Sting Of Death (1966), Death Curse Of Tartu (1966), The Hooked Generation (1968), The Psychedelic Priest (1971), The Naked Zoo (1971), Mako: Jaws Of Death (1976) and Whiskey Mountain (1977). There’s also a documentary on Grefe as well entitled They Came From The Swamp. The set is filled with tons of extras, which include commentaries, still galleries and featurettes.

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