Correction: The film, The Mauritanian (2021), mentioned in last week’s column, is in theaters only and not streaming at this point.

New To Streaming:

Heartworn Highways (1976) In the mid ‘70s, filmmaker James Szalapski traveled to Texas and Tennessee to capture the radical country artists and the result was this film, not seen in over forty years. The film captures the hard living – and hard partying – lifestyles of the pillars of outlaw country; Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Rodney Crowell, Steve Young, David Allan Coe, and a 19-year-old Steve Earle, among them. All of it played out in trailer homes, prisons and even a liquor-fueled Christmas gathering. Available at

Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel (2021) Director Joe Berlinger and co-producer Ron Howard take a probing look at the mysterious 2013 disappearance of 21 year old Elisa Lam, in downtown LA, in this multi part documentary film. Available on Netflix.

New to Disc:

Warner Archive:

Baby Doll (1956) Karl Malden is a cotton mill king trying to hang on to both his bride and his business in this production from the pen of Tennessee Williams and director Elia Kazan. Extras include a featurette and the film’s trailer.

San Francisco (1936) Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and Jeanette Macdonald are the participants in a love triangle played out against the backdrop of the 1906 Frisco earthquake. The final twenty minutes are very impressive indeed. Extras include a Gable documentary, cartoons, short films and alternate sequence.


The Underneath (1993) Steven Soderbergh directs this adaptation of the crime thriller, Criss Cross. Peter Gallagher stars as a man returning home with a plan to get back his girl with deadly results. Extras include an audio commentary.

The Kid Stays In The Picture (2002) is the documentary adaptation of Paramount chief Robert Evans’ autobiography of the same name. Evans narrates as well. Extras include a new commentary.

Film Worker (2018) Leon Vitali was film director Stanley Kubrick’s personal assistant for the last decades of his life. This documentary portrait of Vitali provides much insight into Kubrick’s working methods.

Mambo Man

Héctor Noas in Mambo Man


Mandabi (1968) A jobless man receives a windfall from his nephew only to find himself harassed by those wanting part of his financial gain in this film from director Ousmane Sembene. Extras include a new feature about the director, short film, introduction and booklet essay.

Film Movement:

God Of The Piano (2020) A woman who hails from a musical family disappoints when she gives birth to a deaf child in this Israeli drama. Extras include a new short film.

Mayor (2020) A Christian mayor in Ramallah has his work cut out for him in this film from director David Osit. Extras include a commentary track and deleted scenes.

Corinth Films:

Alone With Her Dreams (2019) In this Italian drama, a woman (Lucia Sardo) grows up in the 1960s under the strict hand of her grandmother, the latter of which harbors a dark secret. No Extras.

Mambo Man (2020) A Cuban concert promoter’s days of living beyond his means finally catches up with him in this Spanish import. No Extras.

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