Now in Theaters:

Talk to Me (** 1/2) Australian horror filmmakers Danny and Michael Phillippou directed this predictable and fairly routine horror entry from Indie distributor, A24, in which some kids come into possession of a ceramic sculpture that allows them to contact dead spirits with predictable results. Admittedly, the film is well acted and contains a few well-chosen jump scares but not enough of them-the first scare doesn’t arrive until 45 minutes in and this is a 95-minute film. It eventually collapses from ideas that are introduced early on that aren’t fully developed which is also a problem. An occasionally interesting misfire but nothing more.

Sophie Wilde in Talk To Me

 Shortcomings (*** 1/2) Actor and comic, Randall Park, helmed this wonderfully entertaining portrait of a film school grad (Justin H. Min) who now manages an Indie theater and finds himself at a crossroads both romantically and career wise. Based on a graphic novel, it’s a near perfect blend of comedy and drama with some wonderful observations about contemporary life. Recommended.

 New to Disc:


Fast X (2023) The latest entry in the Fast and the Furious franchise makes its way to 4K and Blu Ray disc with a few new featurettes to accompany the film. In this entry, Dom (Vin Diesel) and the family team up to battle a vengeance seeking villain named Dante (Jason Momoa).

Warner Brothers:

Enter the Dragon (1973) Bruce Lee’s final film, released 6 days before his death, gets a 50th anniversary upgrade in a new 4K edition. Beware that most of the extras included on the previously issued Blu Ray have not been carried over although it does contain a commentary.


Swamp Thing (1982) Horror director Wes Craven’s fondly remembered DC Comics adaptation makes its way to 4K disc for the first time ever in a new edition that also contains the hard-to-find International Cut that was released years ago and quickly withdrawn from the market. The new edition is loaded with featurettes and commentaries both new and old.


Dreams (1990) One of the last films from acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa- an anthology of eight vignettes based on the director’s dreams and memories-makes its way to disc in a new 4K upgrade. Previously issued extras have been retained.

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