Film Reviews by Adam Long

New to Theaters:

Don’t Worry Darling

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles in Don’t Worry Darling.

Don’t Worry Darling (2022) Olvia Wilde’s sophomore effort as a director, concerning the mysterious goings on in a seemingly utopian 1950s community, is now on theater screens everywhere.

New to Disc:


The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: Seasons 4-6 (1952-66) After issuing the first two seasons of the pop culture staple of the 50s and 60s some months back the label has issued the next four seasons of the show with freshly mastered transfers in separate editions.


A Fugitive From the Past (1965) Japanese director Tomu Uchida’s epic crime drama-three hours in length and taking place in the aftermath of a freak typhoon-makes its way to Blu Ray in a new release this week that includes commentaries, image gallery and an intro to the film.


The Chocolate War (1988) Keith Gordon’s adaptation of the Robert Cormier novel dealing with a man’s rebellion against his Catholic upbringing gets a new Blu Ray issue this week along with a few extras as well.


War of the Worlds/When Worlds Collide (1953/51) Two of the most fondly remembered sci-fi films from producer George Pal get the 4K treatment in this double feature that includes archival featurettes and commentaries.


Sound of Metal (2020) A musician deals with the impending loss of his hearing in this Oscar nominated drama from two years ago now getting its first ever disc release in this new set that contains copious bonus materials.

Also being issued this week is the latest edition of Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Project.


Mayor of Kingstown (2021-2022) The hit series from streaming network Paramount + stars Jeremy Renner and is centered around a family of power brokers in a small Michigan community. The three-disc DVD release includes multiple featurettes as part of its bonus material.


The Automat (2021) Lisa Hurwitz directs this loving look at the renowned restaurant chain that served New Yorkers during the better part of the 20th century. Mel Brooks and Colin Powell are among those interviewed. Extras include extended interviews and commentary.

Hudson Hawk (1992) Bruce Willis stars in this box office failure turned cult hit that gets a new Blu Ray issue with a few bonus materials. Other releases from the label this week include a new 4K upgrade of the excellent crime thriller about hit men on the run, In Bruges (2008), and the urban romance, Jason’s Lyric (1994). The latter two releases also include bonus materials.

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