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Now in Theaters:

 One Fine Morning (***) Lea Seydoux is a single mother finding herself drawn into an affair while simultaneously caring for her ailing father. Filmmaker Mia Hansen Love effectively paints a portrait of a woman whose needs and wants are at odds with what she seems to receive from the universe in which she inhabits. A quiet but affecting film.


New to Disc: 


Two big hits from the late 90s get a 4K upgrade from the label this week. Air Force One (1998) and The Mask of Zorro (1998) retain the previous extras from the Blu-ray editions in addition to the upgrade in picture. 


Mildred Pierce (1945) Joan Crawford, in the role which netted her sole Academy Award, stars in the classic James M. Cain tale of a woman’s struggle to give her offspring a better life. No new extras but a solid picture upgrade in this new 4K edition. 


The House That Screamed (1969) Lili Palmer stars in this Spanish thriller concerning the mysterious disappearance of the women at a school for girls. Extras include multiple cuts of the film, interviews, stills and commentary. 

Radiance Films:

New To Theaters And Disc

Léa Seydoux and Pascal Greggory in One Fine Morning

Filler Up with Super (1976) Life takes an interesting turn for a car salesman when he and his friend pick up some hitchhikers after giving a client a test drive in this foreign entry from Alain Cavalier. Extras include interviews, featurettes and a video analysis of the film. 

Cohen Media: 

Let it be Morning (2021) Eran Kolirin directs this tale of a man and his family trying to disentangle from a military blockade in a tiny Israeli village. Extras include a theatrical trailer. 


Secret Admirer (1985) A love letter wreaks havoc after it falls in the wrong hands in this fondly remembered comedy starring C. Thomas Howell, Lori Laughlin and the late Kelly Preston and Fred Ward. Extras include director commentary. 

Little Miss Marker (1934) Shirley Temples melts the hearts of a callous gambler in one of her earliest roles. Extras include a new commentary. 

The Crusades (1935) Cecil B. Demille’s stirring epic depiction of the efforts of Christians to take back Jerusalem gets its first ever Blu-Ray issue along with a new commentary. 

Making Mr. Right (1987) PR exec Ann Magnuson falls hard for her coworker, who also happens to be a robot. Extras include new interviews and commentary.

Also getting a release from the label is the silent film, Asphalt (1929). 

Warner Archive: 

Camille (1936) An upper-class prostitute is torn between two suitors in this classic drama from director George Cukor now getting its first ever Blu Ray issue. 

I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955) Susan Hayward’s well-regarded performance anchors this dramatization of the life of movie and Broadway star, Lilian Roth, and her struggles with alcoholism. Extras include shorts and promotional pieces. 


Women Talking (2022) The 2022 Best Picture nominee from filmmaker Sarah Polley get a Blu-Ray issue this week along with a few new featurettes.

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