Film Reviews by Adam Long

Now in Theaters: 

Avatar: The Way of Water (** ½) Filmmaker James Cameron returns with his long awaited followup-13 years in the making-to his sci fi smash from 2009. The cast from the original film returns in what is basically a three-hour tale of revenge set in the fantasy world from that earlier entry. The good news is that it’s a technical marvel, best seen in the 3-D environment. The bad news is that the story is as stale, emotionally lacking and predictable as the first excursion into the world of Pandora. 

New to Disc:

Shout/Scream Factory: 

A Walk to Remember (2002) Mandy Moore and Shane West star in the Nicholas Sparks adaptation of his novel about the budding romance between a troubled boy and the daughter of a local minister. Extras include commentary, music video and new interview with the author.

The animated films from Laika Studios, Coraline (2009) and Paranorman (2012), are getting the 4K UHD treatment in two handsome new separate releases. Previous extras have been ported over from the Blu Ray editions.

Carrie (1976) Brian DePalma’s classic adaptation of Stephen King’s first novel gets a 4K UHD overhaul this week in a new edition that ports over the extras found on the previous Blu Ray edition from the label.


Cooley High (1975) Michael Schultz’s tale of a trio of black teens navigating the world of high school in 1964 Chicago comes to Blu Ray for the first time in a new edition that also contains a making of doc and interviews.

 Avatar: The Way of Water

 Synapse Films:

The Creature From Black Lake (1976) Two college kids head down to the swamps in search of a legendary creature in one of the more fondly remembered films of the mid 70s Bigfoot craze, getting its first ever widescreen release. Jack Elam, Dennis Fimple and John David Carson star in the film also shot by Dean Cundey (Halloween). Extras include an interview with Cundey, commentary and trailer.

Film Movement: 

HInterland (2021) In 1920 Hungary, a young soldier returns home only to find it isn’t the place he remembered while also stumbling onto a series of murders. Extras include a commentary and short film.


Silent Running (1972) Bruce Dern is a botanist tasked with protecting the last of earth’s vegetation in this classic Sci fi film directed by the great Douglas Trumbull, now getting its first ever 4K UHD upgrade. The limited edition includes a booklet featuring writing on the film along with archival extras found on the previous Blu Ray release.


Smile (2022) The wildly successful horror hit from last fall makes its disc debut in both Blu Ray and 4K editions. Extras include the original short film that inspired the feature film.

 Cohen Media:

Two films from director Raphael D. Silver, On the Yard (1978) and A Walk on the Moon (1987), have been issued together in one Blu Ray set that features new restorations of the rarely seen films.

A Fish in the Bathtub (1998) Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara star in this comedy about a couple married forty years who have finally reached the breaking point. Joan Micklin Silver directed. Extras include a Q & A with the stars and director.

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