Newton, NC – Many local organizations and individuals in Newton have gone above and beyond to help their neighbors with food, needed supplies, and support to get through these difficult times.

In My Father’s House Community Support Services Network, is located in downtown Newton at 101 East 1st Street.  They are regularly preparing food boxes and distributing them at specified pick up spots throughout the city.  They have also prepared hot food plates and snacks and delivered them to underserved areas of Newton. For more information or to support their mission, please visit their Facebook page.

Also, Warehouse Distillery pivoted from the production of bourbon, rye whiskey, and maple whiskey to sanitizer.  They also took some of the proceeds for the sanitizer sales to donate bottles to different first responder groups in the community.  They have contributed to Catawba Valley Health System, Catawba Sheriff Department, Catawba Rescue Squad, and first responders at the Catawba County Courthouse.  Find them on Facebook.

The Corner Table Soup Kitchen thanks Judy Sigmon for using her green thumb to benefit their hungry guests. This past weekend Judy hosted a plant sale at her house and for those who brought donations for The Corner Table they could pick out a plant of their choice. Judy collected 125 pounds of requested food supplies. We are grateful for this contribution, and for you using your passion to alleviate hunger in our community.

The Corner Table Soup Kitchen also organizes the Backpack Program of Catawba County. For more information, please visit their Facebook page.

Jack Hoffman, a thirteen year old in Newton, delivered letters of encouragement for three weeks to over 120 residents on West 6th, 7th, and 8th streets. One letter per week. He chose this as his “Make a Difference” project at school. He enlisted the help of his younger brothers to tape the letters to doors. The first letter:

Greetings fellow neighbor!

My name is Jack, and I feel called to give you words of encouragement during this tough time. Most of us have settled into our new normal, whatever that is. But regardless, no matter who you are, I am sure your life has been changed in some way by this pandemic. But in my point of view, whatever the reason why this is happening, I am sure it has a purpose. For example, maybe this virus was to bring families, friends, and neighbors closer together.

Maybe God wanted to put the world on “pause,” to slow us down and help us see what is truly important in life. I want to let you know that I believe in looking at the positive side of things, but I realize that for many it is a difficult time. I believe that God uses difficult times to grow us into the person we were created to be. I am cheering you on in this journey and I am praying that you find purpose and strength during this time. This letter is to let you know that you are not alone, and sometimes I think that it helps to know this. God bless you and be safe!

Sincerely, Jack
Judy Sigmon donates to The Corner Table