They are likely the most polarizing and controversial Hall of Fame candidates in baseball history.

Both were on the ballot this week, for Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Both are linked to performance-enhancing drug use.

Both failed to receive enough votes from the Baseball Writers Association and are off the Writers ballot forever now that their 10 years of eligibility has expired.

Yes, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will now have to hope that the Veteran’s Committee of the Hall of Fame will forgive their respective transgressions more than the writers did and select them to the Hall sometime in the future.

The duo combined for 15 MVP and Cy Young Awards and are two of the greatest players to put on a baseball uniform.

Funny thing is that neither ever flunked a drug test or were ever suspended. They instead are guilty in the court of public opinion.

This does not mean I think either were clean. My belief is that it is likely half the players in the sport were using PEDs during that particular era. That’s why I believe we are making a terrible mistake not having them in the Hall.

I remember those anonymous tests MLB conducted so they could determine if steroid tests were needed? There were 104 players who tested positive and this is after every player was already informed in spring training they would be tested. I can only imagine how many more players would have tested positive if they didn’t know the test was coming?

I wish Baseball would admit that the sport actually condoned usage until it became too obvious. It obviously was the worst-kept secret in baseball.

The numbers I gave you earlier tell me that Bonds was batting against pitchers who were using PEDs. And that Clemens was facing hitters you were also using PEDs.

Meanwhile, two of the game’s best players ever are left outside of Cooperstown looking in.

NFL Final Four Is Set

After an amazing weekend of divisional final playoff games in the NFL, we are left with a final four of Kansas City vs. Cincinnati in the AFC and Los Angeles vs. San Francisco in the NFC.

I will review the Conference Finals that take place this weekend next week and preview the Super Bowl the week after.

For the record, I believe we will see a Kansas City Chief/Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl in February.