Hickory – If you’ve never experienced Not Your Mama’s Bingo... well, you’ve never experienced Not Your Mama’s Bingo! What are you waiting for?! It’s the most fun you can have on a Saturday night for $25! This event is at LP Frans Stadium in Hickory. Cocktail hour will be from 6-7pm and game starts at 7pm.

Our theme this year is Not Your Mama’s VACATION Bingo! Where did you want to go? We encourage our guests to dress to theme and decorate their table tops!Not Your Mama’s Vacation Bingo

Not Your Mama’s Bingo is a laugh filled, no holds barred event starring the fabulous Queenie Gabor and her cast of Bingo Verifying Divas (BVDs). Bingo participants play for prize packages and one “50/50” cash prize game. In between games, the audience is entertained by a number of “numbers.”

In order to be as safe as possible during this crazy COVID times, Bingo will look a little different this year. Please be patient and go with the flow as we all continue learning how to “pivot.”

Changes made:
Bingo will take place outdoors
Masks are required
Seats will be sold by table – in order to keep households/friends together

We will be streaming the performance live to attendees, just in case your view is obscured, so bring your device for the best possible view

Queenie Gabor, star and host of Not Your Mama’s BINGO states, “Consider yourself warned people; be on time, pay attention to me and follow the fun set of rules we have developed for you. If you don’t listen you will find yourself called out and on-stage before you know it. This is my game, my stage and my rules…. but it’s all in fun and for a great cause.”

Tickets cover the show, bingo sheets and use of daubers. Not included are refreshments and 50/50 game sheets, which are $5 and for the only cash prize.

All proceeds from Not Your Mama’s Bingo go to support ALFA’s mission to improve the lives and health of those affected by HIV/AIDS while preventing transmission through education and testing.

To sign up or be a sponsor, visit www.flipcause.com/secure/cause_pdetails/MTIzNjYy