A Ghost Story (2017) (**) A woman is haunted by the ghost of her husband in this artsy fartsy take on an oft told supernatural tale. Pretentious. Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck star. Extras include commentary and deleted scene.

Wish Upon (2017) (**) is a typical horror entry about a box that grants wishes with horrific results. Extras include multiple featurettes.

The documentary An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (***), a film that deserves to reach more audiences than it ultimately did, has been issued.  Extras include featurettes and a music video.

The classic comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles is being reissued in a 30th Anniversary edition (1987) (*** ½). Extras include featurettes and a deleted scene.

The Oscar winner Dreamgirls (2006) (***), has been issued in a new anniversary edition as well. Extras include a director’s cut of the film, photobook, and test footage.

Murphy, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson & Anika Noni Rose in Dreamgirls

Murphy, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson & Anika Noni Rose in Dreamgirls

The smash comedy hit from last summer, Girls Trip (2017) (***) and the horror sequel, Cult of Chucky (2017) (**) are two of Universal’s offerings for the month.

Warner Brothers:
The House (2017) (* ½) an alleged comedy featuring Will Ferrell and the horror sequel, Annabelle: Creation (2017) (** ½), have been recently issued by Warner.

Kino Lorber:
Harold and Lillian: A Love Story (2017) (*** ½), a beautiful documentary on a married couple who also happened to be two unsung heroes of the movie industry. Highly recommended, moving and beautifully done. Extras include deleted scenes, featurettes and a booklet.

The soap opera spoof Young Doctors in Love (1982) (**) and the Mario Bava directed horror film, Kill, Baby, Kill (1966) (**), have also been issued by Kino. Extras include making of documentary, audio commentary, trailers and interviews.

Vinegar Syndrome:
Three October horror releases from Vinegar Syndrome worth a peek are The Corpse Grinders (1971) (**), Demon Wind (1984) (**) and Blood Beat (1982) (** ½). Extras include interviews, stills and more.

The prequel to the cult TV series Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) (**) and  the recent critics’ darling, Personal Shopper (2017) (** 1/2) are two of Criterion’s October releases. Extras on Twin Peaks include commentaries and deleted scenes.
Warner Archive:
(Titles can be purchased at

Superman: The Movie, Extended Cut (1978) (****) features the three hour eight minute version of the film as originally broadcast on ABC TV in February 1982. The set also comes with a bonus disc including the original version of the film along with extras.

Other Warner Archive releases include the sci-fi/action hybrid, The Hidden (1987) (***); the cult sci-fi film, The Green Slime (1969) (**); the 1973 road movie drama, Scarecrow (***), starring Al Pacino and Gene Hackman; the 1955 Cinemascope film noir Hell on Frisco Bay (***); the 1981 cult slasher film Night School (** ½) and the complete 100 minute version of The Sea Wolf (1941) (*** ½), which stars Edward G. Robinson.

Olive Films:
The Miracle Worker (1962) (*** ½) is the classic dramatization of the early years of the life of Helen Keller and stars Patty Duke and Anne Bancroft.

Stay Hungry (1976) (***) is an interesting comedy/drama about bodybuilding starring Jeff Bridges and featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his film debut.

Scream Factory:
Land of the Dead (2005) (***) was the late director George Romero’s return to the zombie genre after a twenty-year layoff. Extras include two cuts of the film, featurettes and commentary.

Dawn of the Dead (2004) (***) is a mostly successful reworking of the 1978 film of the same name.  Extras include two cuts of the film, featurettes and commentary.

Fox Home Entertainment:
One of the greatest of all holiday films, Miracle on 34th Street, has been issued in a 70th Anniversary Edition (1947) (*** ½) Extras include audio commentary, movietone newsreel and ‘making of’ documentary.

Twilight Time:
(Titles are limited to 3,000 units and available for purchase at

Wild Bill (1995) (** ½) Director Walter Hill’s take on the last days of Wild Bill Hickok stars Jeff Bridges and Ellen Barkin. Extras include music track and trailer.

Captain From Castile (1947) (***) is a typically entertaining swashbuckler starring Tyrone Power. Extras include commentary, two featurettes, trailer and isolated music track.

Pirates of Blood River (1962) (** 1/2) One of Hammer studio’s rare non-horror entries centering around a band of French pirates has seen the light of day. Extras include commentary, isolated music track and trailer. Play Dirty (1969) (***) features Michael Caine leading a band of misfits on a quest to take over a fuel depot in WWII. Extras include isolated music track and the film’s trailer.

Coming soon: The Burning Bed, Night Kill, Death Rides a Horse, Summer of 42, Into the Night, Atomic Blonde, Misery: Collector’s Edition, Incredible Shrinking Woman, Bananas and Sayonara.  

Photo: Natalie Wood & Edmund Gwenn in Miracle On 34th Street